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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 9 results

  1. Good Morning my new friends, about a month ago I was able to pick up my first Toyota Camper! We had been looking for a long time and the timing lined up right for us to get this 1990 Americana. It looked like it had been re-modeled well with some nice addition like solar and a deiseal furnace but some other area where more just patch up, band aid jobs like the over cab section. I didn't take any before pictures but when we got it there was a piece of plastic siding covering up the front window. Once I got it home and took off the siding I was able to start seeing the water damage and mold, not a nightmare amount but enough to warrant a remodel. After looking around the forums and watching every youtube video that came up when I searched "Toyota RV Remodel" I found out that there was not a lot of info on this particular model. I am about half way through rebuilding the over cab floor and walls and wanted to start posting the progress in hopes that it may help someone in the same situation as I am. One question I have is this, I was going to just copy what was originally installed for the side walls (two layers of plywood with a thin layer of veneer) but I was thinking about changing it and doing two layer of insulation board with a layer of veneer. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi- I finally got to work on rebuilding the back wall on my '86 Dolphin. The back wall is the bathroom and there's plenty of rot. I've removed the siding BUT there's a lot of the luan wood layer still stuck to it. Do you know the best way to get that stuff off? Thanx OregonSteve "Never never doubt what nobody is sure about." -Willy Wonka
  3. Hi- So... my newly purchased '86 Dolphin needs the entire back wall replaced. The shell or skin is fiberglass and has two seams running horizontally, one about midline and one near the roof. Can you tell me how to go about removing this to do the repairs... and how to re-place it once the work is done? I've seen several videos where repair work is done on RVs with aluminum skins but am guessing this is a bit different. Thanx ORegonSteve "Never never doubt what nobody is sure about." -Willy Wonka
  4. Hey everyone, thought I'd share some of the work my wife and I have been doing on our 4x4 Sunrader. We bought it in August 2017 in Bozeman, MT. We drove it around the west coast for a while and then made our way to Florida to begin a renovation on it. My wife and I have been living in a VW Vanagon for the last two years and decided to make the move to the Sunrader for the extra room, 4WD, Toyota reliability, and cheaper parts. We started the renovation at the beginning of November and are currently still working on it. We've heavily documented the process with photos, videos, and blog posts so I'll try not to be too redundant and post links here. I'll keep posting as we have more to show! Her name is Amelia and this was her before we started working on her. There's plenty more picture of her and her interior before we started the process over here: http://www.boundfornowhere.com/blog/2017/new-home-on-wheels Our goal was to start with a clean slate on renovation so we tore her down to the fiberglass and salvaged what we could. We found LOTS of dead mice in the walls which made us feel better about peeling back everything so we could get a fresh start. Here is a video of that process: We also cover it with some photos and writing in this blog post. This post also shows our first attempts at fiberglassing as we decided to teach ourselves. http://www.boundfornowhere.com/blog/build-out-week-1-2 I'll leave it at here for now. Don't want to overwhelm you with too much all at once. Be back soon with some more process. -MAK and Owen
  5. I have an '85 Sunrader. What would be the best window sealant? Also need to prep and seal top and sides of fiberglass. Same as on a boat?
  6. Hi all, It's so exciting 😃! My wife and I are completely new Toyota RV Owners since just yesterday I bought a 1991 Odyssey Americana in central Pennsylvania. It is the Fargo 21.5' configuration and is in fairly good condition overall, low mileage (68K miles) and seems to run fine. I just drove it about 60 miles yesterday to pay a surprise visit to my parents and tomorrow I'll begin the 800 mile journey home to Wisconsin. We are very much looking forward to hitting the road with it. When my grandparents retired in the early 1960s they bought a "Scottie" camper and drove across the country with it. Now that we're looking at possible retirement, perhaps we'll follow their tire tracks 😎. While good overall condition, I'm reminded that this camper is 28 years old, no spring chicken, and it will need some love and attention. I figure one "RV-Years" is about 2.5 people years. So my "28 year old" RV is about what I'll be when I'm 70, which isn't all that far off. I'm posting some photos and hope to learn from the collective wisdom that I've discovered in this forum. Here are some observations and questions: We will probably keep the interior configuration, at least for now, and right now everything works (with possible exception of the water heater). We do want to rid the camper of the 80's carpet-on-everything theme. We will probably do laminate on the floor, not sure what to do on the ceiling. We're not sure what we'll find when we remove the carpeting. Any suggestions, especially for the ceiling? We want to give the exterior a major make-over, both functional (leaks????) and cosmetic (looks 28 years old). The first step I believe is to get remove the original stripes that were adhesive decals, but I want to do this without damaging the fiberglass underneath. In some areas, as you can see from the photos, the decals are already gone, other areas have a little remaining adhesive, other areas have relatively pristine decals still adhered. What method/solvents/etc. are recommended for removing these from fiberglass without leaving worse marks / damage? I was told by the original owner that the front window had leaked, but he repaired it with some super-sticky tape, perhaps Peel & Seal. Also, the window, which is plastic, is so weathered it's opaque. Or maybe it was originally that way. Either way, I'd like to see out of it, clear as glass. Two questions: (a) Are replacement windows available? Where? (b) How can I effectively re-seal this so I can remove the tape and not have leaks? The roof may have leaked at one point. I've read that the Americana has a rubber roof, but I can't really tell because a previous owner coated the roof with the type of material used as a truck bed liner, and the recent owner added a couple waterproof panels and some sealing tape. I don't see any present leaks, but I don't want to keep adding bandaids, I'd like to restore it to an original condition. Thoughts? Anyone tackle this on an Odyssey Americana before? The roof also apparently sagged / bowed in a little and left standing water on top. The previous owner reduced this by adding an exterior beam brace - you can see it in the middle on the last photo - to pull the roof up in the center to reduce pooling of water. Does anyone have tips on restoring the correct arch of the roof in a more long-term way, without external bracing? Thanks to all of you for your thoughts on this little restoration project. Looking through the Forum archives I see many of you have taken on much bigger tasks. This is not so daunting, but I'd like to get to a good start, get our new home-on-wheels fixed up, then hit the road. Scott
  7. I put away my Sunrader for the winter. Luckily in the Portland, Oregon, area it doesn't get too cold during the winter months. In addition to draining the water lines and tanks, I covered the Sunrader with a large waterproof tarp. In the spring I would like to look for someone who could (not sure what term to use) clean and polish the fiberglass shell. What type of company or service would I contact who could do this for me?
  8. My wife and I have recently started renovating my grandfathers 1990 Sunrader V6. The front windows leaked (even after having them "professionally" resealed) so I decided to attempt you hand at fiberglassing them in. With only 1 successful posting with pictures that I could find I figured I should get a thread going. We also ripped up the old nasty carpet and tore off the counter top with the awkwardly sized double sinks. We plan on priming / sealing the floor and then laying down some of the locking vinyl hardwood looking flooring. After going back and forth we also decided to update all of the lights to LED lights. I am by no means a professional but I would be happy to talk about this project with others. My wife and I pulled an all-nighter last weekend filling holes, priming and painting the interior. With all the water stains I decided to reseal the windows using butyl tape. I've never used it before but after some research it looked like the best product for this application.
  9. Has anyone fiberglassed ALL the seams on the house part of their motorhome thus making it seamless kind of like a Sunrader? Thanks Steve
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