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  1. Yeah, I know about the blinks and videos and info are everywhere on that... I have a guy that says that if there's a Toyota ECU, the DLC connector is there, and I have access to VF1/TE2/E1, I can get more data. Maybe I'm going overboard but I want to see what comes over the wire. I just can't find it. I know that I'm looking for something like what this hand is on: or it might be alone like this: again....just....I don't see it. related: what is the other diagnostic connector? the one that you don't short out to read codes?
  2. Hi! I know where my two-hole OBD "short me and I'll blink a lot" connector is on the driver side in that rubber protective dealio, that's not what I'm talking about here. Do all 22RE engines have a DLC connector? For clarity I am asking if I have one of these: I looked all over underneath the hood in all the places I've seen suggested: Next to the strut towers, next to each of the fuse boxes (hood and cab), next to the EFI, under the steering wheel... I know my MH is old at 1986 but it's EFI, so there has to be an ECU that allows me to read diagnostics while it's runni
  3. OOH. So for a second there I thought you meant I needed 3 adapters and uh, obviously I just figured it out. I didn't get to check out my spare today but I will do it ASAP. Nice junkyard tip. I'll definitely take a look next time I'm near a yard. Nicer brakes seem like a good thing to have. I temporarily considered asking if anyone had done an ABS conversion on a toyhome but decided most might not be terribly amused with the question.
  4. Thanks for the tips, @WME and @Derek up North! So, I have a spare, and that's a really good point that I should figure out which one it is so I can figure out what I need to do. Potential noob questions follow: Are you suggesting I find a "friend" that can get truck things, or might work in the industry? Just to make sure I catch your drift... (maybe that's not the best term to use since there will be no drifting in my toyhome ?) Are adapters safe/reliable? Do they put extra wear on the axle? A cursory google search shows me a bunch of people that are like "of course it'
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a musician, museum curator+docent, and huge nerd, and I'm the new owner of a 1986 travelmaster savannah. I plan to take it on tons of adventures and do other fun stuff with it, like weird upgrades. I've got some weird ideas, and also I thought someone might be interested in following a noob's adventures or hearing about my hopes and dreams for the thing, so kablam, here I am. Oh, whenever I use "we", you can pretend I'm using the royal we (as long as you don't say it all snooty-like), but that's something that I've deduced with the help of a mechanic as I am technic
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