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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 3 results

  1. Hello All, I have owned my 87 Dolphin for a whopping 3 weeks! Very excited and want to do right by The Beast. I need to get an initial tune up done and go over the automotive systems with a mechanic who knows the 22RE well, and has an appropriate lift. I am in Southern California in the Oxnard area. Can anyone steer me to an excellent fellow/gal who doesn't mind (and is able to) converse about what s/he finds? I am a basic shade tree mechanic going back to my original vehicle of choice in the 80-something little pick up truck genre. The gender divide is tedious and I'd love to find someone reputable who is over it and can just talk - one motorhead to another.
  2. I just bought a '75 Toyota Chinook, and I'm about to embark on a cross-country trip, taking it from San Francisco back home to Maryland. I'm looking to connect with others who can give advice and practical tips for my journey! And..... recommendations for awesome Toyota mechanics along my trip in case anything goes down. The truck is in great condition, with lots of work to the engine over the last 2 drivers (and records for past 10 years). I have some super basic maintenance skills. Knowing that this is a 40year-old truck, and knowing that I haven't owned it that long, I'm predicting I'm likely to get into situations over my head, mechanically. But armed with a AAA premium membership and a lot of stress-reduction training, I'm going to attempt the journey. Are there any mechanics you know who are great with old trucks? Do you have ANY OTHER ADVICE for me before I leave on this foolhardy adventure? General Trajectory: Sacramento -> Tahoe -> 80 through Nevada and Utah -> Denver -> Black Hills, SD -> Minneapolis -> Chicago -> Detroit -> Pittsburgh -> Silver Spring, Maryland
  3. Hi! I'm Andy and I just bought my 1990 Sea-Breeze. I paid $4400 for a 1990 with 73k miles and other than some water damage that needs to be repaired, I think I did OK. I'd like to know what you think too so I started a blog. Please visit and weigh in on this. I've never taken on a project of this size but the cost savings seem to be worth it. I hope so. I think this is the kind of project you hate to do - until it is all done and you can reap the rewards. Here is a link to my new blog page: 90seabreeze.wordpress.com I've already replaced all the tires, done the differential and transmission flush and fill, oil change and all new belt as well as registering the vehicle and getting my tag. I'm sooo ready to go camping but now I have a roof to repair.. What is anyone's opinion about the following: ROOFING REPAIR I see there are a couple EPDM liquid / self leveling products and after I remove and replace whatever is in poor shape I will want as maintenance free a roof as possible. Has anyone had any experiences they can share or recommendations as to products they would recommend? What about Liquid Roof? I saw this guy's roof repair video and he has given me some confidence to do the same. Thoughts? Where do I start rebuilding the affected walls and ceiling? Rebuild the sides of the cab-over first? Thoughts? HEAD GASKET There is a sticker on my fan blade shroud that says "timing belt replaced at 55k miles." Any way to tell if the head-gasket was replaced or if it needs to be? How can I determine this? POWER and AC and A/C IN TRANSIT There doesn't appear to be very many AC outlets around the cabin. Besides under the dinette, I don't know that I saw a second one. I guess most people get by with inverters while they drive if they are needed? Any recommendations as to which ones are good and where to install them in the cabin? Should I run a dedicated line from under the hood of the cab? I have a 400 watt one. Maybe I will install it up front. Can I install one in the front and one in the back? What do you use/do? What about cooling the cabin during a warm summer drive? I am sure the dash A/C does little for the people in the back... AC/DC TVs There is an abundance of 12V HDTVs now (albeit generic names) in the small - 24" form factors. Seems since the cabin is mostly DC that this would be handy. Anyone have any recommendations? LEAKY EXHAUST / MANIFOLD? I have what sounds like a little exhaust/manifold leak. Is this common? Are there certain areas that fail more than others and is this a costly repair? Thanks for looking! Andy