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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 3 results

  1. Hello. I have a 1984 Toyota Sunrader 18' - rear dinette. I don't have any desire to use the shower/bathroom and was considering removing it for extra space or turning it into storage. Wondering if anyone has done something similar or if anyone had any advice. Thanks, Tyler
  2. Does anyone have a suggestion for replacement hinges for the original bathroom door on a 1984 Toyota Sunrader?
  3. The bathroom door on my 1991 Micro Minnie is an accordian door that looks like small parquet sections. It is in excellent condition. However it is very noisy to use at night and limits leg room when sitting. I installed a towel rod, actually a toilet paper holder with the tube discarded and a 30 inch long oak 3/8 dowel put in its place to make a shower curtain rod across the front top of the door opening (outside wall to the bathroom) to the bathroom. This gave privacy and quiet operation at night. I left the accordian door in place for when I sell the MH. I had to cut about 6 inches off the bottom of the shower curtain so it would not drag on the floor. I would send a picture but MH is now in storage. I lined the area under the oven area that provides access to the back of the HW heater with carpet extending up the back wall tank area and we store pans there. I removed the microwave oven that was under the cook top (the original unit, not working right) and was going to replace it but decided a small Microwave oven could be in that place plus enough storage for a toaster in this area. The storage is more important than a 21 inch wide microwave we would rarely use. We do not have a roof AC or a generator and find neither have been needed. The Fantastic Fan is enough and we usually stay in RV parks or every few days a hotel. On the note of staying in a hotel. Disable the motor home if you do that (battery cut off, security arm) . There are cases of thefts from Motel parking lots of MHs. Thieves think there are valuables in the MH and steal them. A word of warning. This did happen to a friend years ago. That's all folks. I have had a # of class c and class a MHs. I wish I had bought the Toyota new and bagged all the others. Alaskadac