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  1. Andrew_v949

    New winnebago box on a toyota pickup?

    Nope, definitely not a foreign vehicle. Looked like he scabbed it on himself maybe. But the box actually looked like it was made for a pickup. Wished I snapped a pic too. Noticed it out of the corner of my eye as I was speeding by
  2. Was passing by Mission Bay in San Diego this morning and I saw what looked like a 5th generation pickup with a very new looking Winnebago box on the back. I know that winnebago has partnered with toyota to make rigs way back in the past....but this box was new. Probably only a couple years old if that. Is winnebago custom making these rigs again??
  3. Andrew_v949

    4wd Sunrader conversion

    wow. That is very nice
  4. Andrew_v949

    4wd Sunrader conversion

    Gotcha. Thank you very much for the reply. I figured it would be 5-9k to do a 2wd to 4wd swap. I just know it would most likely be easier to find a 2wd sunrader and convert it. Easier in the way that they are more readily availabe than the unicorn 4wd raders'. I just didn't know if there were frame differences between the 2wd and 4wd toyotas that made it more advantageous to use the 4wd frame. Ideally I would love to find a 4wd and be done with it....and although the prices are steep....it is what it is. But a 4wd sunrader comes up maybe once a year so I would stand little to no chance of getting one
  5. Andrew_v949

    4wd Sunrader conversion

    Bumping the question for anyone in the know
  6. Andrew_v949

    4wd Sunrader conversion

    good read. just got a few pages in. that dude is pretty ambitious!
  7. Andrew_v949

    4wd Sunrader conversion

    Thanks for the speedy responses you guys! My bad....by first gen I meant the 78-83 pickups. Which also happen to be my favorite. Like a lot of people, I want a 4x4 sunrader but realize they are too far and few between. Although they are pricey when they do come up, that doesn't concern me as much because that's what the market dictates they'll sell for. And having a rig that was purpose built from the sunrader factory (allbeit with some well-documented flaws), is waaaaay better than scabbing together a rig IMHO. I came across that ad a while back of a guy who built a diesel 4x4 conversion and he said that he swapped it over to a 4x4 chassis. Any reason why? Were those chassis better than the standard 2wd chassis of the same year? Or was this so he didn't have to scab running gear into the 2wd chassis - which I think would have been easier. FWIW, I do think these sunrader's should be on dually axel. Makes a lot more sense for the weight that needs to be supported not to mention the stability factor as well. Yes I'm in California (San Diego) but smog is the least of my concerns as I would probably register it in Arizona anyways. Welding frame extensions and/or gusseting doesn't scare me the least bit. But swapping running gear or transplanting a sunrader camper onto another chassis does. And unless I get really lucky in the next couple years and see a 4x4 on CL to buy, I think I'll be forced to find a neglected 2wd sunrader and start tackling some of my fears
  8. Andrew_v949

    4wd Sunrader conversion

    Did a search for sunrader frame conversions and stumbled onto this thread. So if I'm reading this right, you technically could get an 18' sunrader and a 1st gen toyota longbed frame would be long enough? It would just need some extra support?