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  1. Furnace help

    I used something similar to that yes, but it doesnt feel as though anything is happening when I do that.
  2. Furnace help

    I have that switch but I can't push it in because the top of the button is below the housing, if that makes any sense.
  3. Furnace help

    Ok the fuse seems ok, I changed it out and still nothing. I took the cover off of the thermostat and I have to admit I'm probably not the handiest so bridging the two contact terminals with a jumper wire is not something I know how to do without more guidance.
  4. Furnace help

    Great advice, I will try all of the advice here and report back.
  5. Furnace help

    Yes, stove and water heater work fine.
  6. Furnace help

    I've had the camper for about a year and have never gotten the furnace to run.
  7. Furnace help

    Ok great advice. The switch is on the thermostat and I have turned that on and turned temp up and still get nothing. I think fuse sounds like a good possibility. Should there be a gas valve on this furnace because I have looked and not been able to find one. Yes, the propane tank is on.
  8. Furnace help

    Thanks. I'm not in the toy this weekend but I will check the fuse when I can.
  9. Furnace help

    No. Makes no sound.
  10. Furnace help

    Can anyone tell me where the gas valve is on this furnace. Or if there is a gas valve? I'm unable to get furnace going.