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  1. N-Hubb

    Door Handle Broke!

    Whew!!!! That's a pricy door handle!!!!
  2. N-Hubb

    Door Handle Broke!

    Well as I was entering my 1987 Toyota Dolphin yesterday the door handle decided to break off on me. I am wondering where I should buy a replacement from? Any suggestions? Thanks! I have attached a few pics of it
  3. My dolphin could really use an awning for this intense Texas heat. Any recommendations on where to find a decent deal on one? 1988 Toyota Dolphin
  4. N-Hubb

    Painting the outside

    Because I want a pretty dolphin!!!!
  5. N-Hubb

    Painting the outside

    I have been youtubing, researching and can still not decide on how to paint the outside of my dolphin....I've seen people rattle can them and they actually turn out ok. I've seen people roll on rustoleum and it looks pretty good. I don't have an air compressor to use a gun and places want to charge way to much to paint my old rv....I just want Ol George Phoenix to look good on the outside...h e l p any suggestions or projects you've done would be greatly appreciated!
  6. N-Hubb

    Replacement Mirrors?

    They're just old and hard to adjust. Thanks for all of your responses im going to order some right now!!!
  7. N-Hubb

    Replacement Mirrors?

    These stock mirrors just aren't cutting it anymore. Does anyone have any recommendations on a replacement mirror that will work on these bars.
  8. N-Hubb

    Roof Rack/Basket

    So I have been looking into getting a roof rack or roof rack/basket system for the top of my 1987 Toyota Dolphin so I can put my kayaks and other gear on top of the roof. I was just wondering if anyone on here has done this or has any ideas on how I should approach doing this. Thanks!!
  9. N-Hubb

    Tiling Shower Pan?

    Yeah y'all are 100% right about a mold issue which would be terrible. What are your thoughts Linda on getting a nice finish on the pan? I mean are these pans cheap and easy to replace? Are they hard to find? I honestly haven't really looked into replacing it just yet (seems like a decent amount of work but who knows)
  10. N-Hubb

    Tiling Shower Pan?

    Has anyone tiled there shower pan? I am tired of looking at the aged yellow look of the pan and was wondering if anyone has a solution? I thought tiling the bottom might look pretty cool. Any suggestions? Also the sink in the bathroom is looking pretty yellowed as well, any suggestions on what kind of paint to use on it?
  11. N-Hubb

    Exterior Painting Question

    Wow thanks everyone for all of your input. I was thinking about using a roller and rolling on some sort of oil based house paint but people keep telling me to get a paint gun and spray the rv. They say it will look much better that way lol. I was thinking about getting a spray gun at harbor freight and giving it a shot. I heard a lot about interluxe and was wondering if thats what you did derek. Looked up pictures and seems like pretty good stuff
  12. I will be buying a 1987 Toyota Dolphin on Monday and i am very excited. The interior has already been updated. I will be painting the exterior of this monster sometime soon after i buy it. I just want to know if anyone else here has taken on the challenge of painting the exterior and if so do you have any suggestions on how I should do this. I have not painted any type of vehicle before lol so anything you can recommend I would greatly appreciate. Found a couple of cool pictures just to add to this post.