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  1. Painting the outside

    Because I want a pretty dolphin!!!!
  2. Painting the outside

    I have been youtubing, researching and can still not decide on how to paint the outside of my dolphin....I've seen people rattle can them and they actually turn out ok. I've seen people roll on rustoleum and it looks pretty good. I don't have an air compressor to use a gun and places want to charge way to much to paint my old rv....I just want Ol George Phoenix to look good on the outside...h e l p any suggestions or projects you've done would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Shurflo Water Pump Issue

    Linda you're awesome, thanks!
  4. My water pump will turn on but no water is being pumped through the lines. 1987 Dolphin, looks to be original shurflo water pump. I took the pump completely apart and cleaned everything but the darn thing still will not provide water to the lines. I blew out the lines just in case they might have been clogged with my air compressor, no clogs.
  5. Fresh water spigot

    Thank you linda, that's exactly what I am looking for!
  6. I have a 1987 Dolphin and over the weekend I unfortunately broke the spigot for the freshwater tank on the outside of the rv. Just wondering if anyone knows where to get a replacement spigot at. Thanks!
  7. Thanks everyone, it was in fact the hoses that were leaking. I tightened the hose clamps and all is good!
  8. Temperature was 22 degrees last night here in Austin. I started my 1987 dolphin up this morning. Right before I took off after the motor warmed up I noticed coolant on the ground (small pool) looked as if it came from the bottom of the radiator...not 100% sure. After driving it around town about 30 miles or so...no leaking coolant at all. Only leaked right when I started her up.....can someone help me figure this out please
  9. Guadalupe Mountainsssss

  10. Those clouds thooo

  11. RV ROBE!

  12. Replacement Mirrors?

    They're just old and hard to adjust. Thanks for all of your responses im going to order some right now!!!
  13. Replacement Mirrors?

    These stock mirrors just aren't cutting it anymore. Does anyone have any recommendations on a replacement mirror that will work on these bars.
  14. Roof Rack/Basket

    So I have been looking into getting a roof rack or roof rack/basket system for the top of my 1987 Toyota Dolphin so I can put my kayaks and other gear on top of the roof. I was just wondering if anyone on here has done this or has any ideas on how I should approach doing this. Thanks!!