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  1. My 87 Dolphin with a 22RE has started sputtering and stalling once the engine is up to temperature. After the motor has been idling for about 10-15 minutes the sputtering begins and ultimately ends up shutting off. Below I will list everything I have tried doing to resolve the issue. Just so everyone knows what led up to this happening I had a mechanic attempt to replace the A/C Compressor. They were unsuccessful and placed the old compressor back in place. While replacing the compressor they replaced the valve cover gasket as well. The problems then began. (Could be completely unrelated...I don't know.) This is what I have tried to do since the mechanic worked on the dolphin to fix the problem Replaced the entire distributor Replaced the spark plugs and wires Replaced the Ignition Coil Replaced Oxygen Sensor Ran Seafoam High Mileage through the motor and gas Tried to loosen the belt on the old AC compressor to see if possibly to much tension was on the belt Most mechanic shops here in Austin will not take in the RV because of its size. I had a mobile mechanic come out to my house, could not figure the issue out and gave up. This is why I have tried all of these replacements. If anyone has a clue to whats going on I would greatly appreciate your help! Also if anyone knows of anywhere in Austin, TX that could help me that would also be amazing! Thanks yall!!!
  2. I didnt really think about selling it on ebay. Honestly i havent thought about ebay in a long time! Thanks!!!
  3. Hey everyone! I am reaching out to see if there is anywhere else for me to post my 1987 Toyota Dolphin up for sale besides Craigslist and Facebook market? Its unfortunately time for me to part ways with my amazing RV! Anyways thanks again y'all!
  4. Wow this sucker might just do the trick. It looks identical to what's currently on the truck. I really appreciate your help! And everyone else's help. I will probably buy this and give it a go!!!!
  5. I just cannot find a compressor that matches like you did on eBay. I've tried looking up the same diesel Kiki bh15 but am having no luck!
  6. Hey everyone! I really hope someone can help me out with this issue I am having with my A/C Compressor on my 1987 Toyota Dolphin. What looks like the clutch cover has come off of the a/c compressor and is slightly cracked (as in photo below) The A/C is currently not working. I have no issue with replacing the entire compressor, I am just having a hell of a time finding the correct compressor to replace it with. I have attached photos of the compressor and what I think is the a/c compressor clutch cover to this post. I will list the part number that is on the compressor below. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!! On a blue sticker it reads "DKS 15BH" On a red sticker it reads "509618-5703" I have searched these part numbers but cannot seem to locate the compressor with the correct bolt mounting placement for the motor. This 1987 Toyota Dolphin has the 22RE motor w/automatic transmission.
  7. Whew!!!! That's a pricy door handle!!!!
  8. Well as I was entering my 1987 Toyota Dolphin yesterday the door handle decided to break off on me. I am wondering where I should buy a replacement from? Any suggestions? Thanks! I have attached a few pics of it
  9. My dolphin could really use an awning for this intense Texas heat. Any recommendations on where to find a decent deal on one? 1988 Toyota Dolphin
  10. The engine temp while driving was certainly higher than normal. It wasn't in the red but it was getting up there.
  11. Drove for about 2 hours yesterday in 100+ weather. Reaching higher speeds to due to favorable wind conditions. Got home, parked the rv (1987 Toyota dolphin with a 22RE motor.) Noticed later on that the overflow for the coolant had dumped out coolant all over the street. Trying to figure out why this happened. Thanks!
  12. Because I want a pretty dolphin!!!!
  13. I have been youtubing, researching and can still not decide on how to paint the outside of my dolphin....I've seen people rattle can them and they actually turn out ok. I've seen people roll on rustoleum and it looks pretty good. I don't have an air compressor to use a gun and places want to charge way to much to paint my old rv....I just want Ol George Phoenix to look good on the outside...h e l p any suggestions or projects you've done would be greatly appreciated!
  14. My water pump will turn on but no water is being pumped through the lines. 1987 Dolphin, looks to be original shurflo water pump. I took the pump completely apart and cleaned everything but the darn thing still will not provide water to the lines. I blew out the lines just in case they might have been clogged with my air compressor, no clogs.
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