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  1. Guadalupe Mountainsssss

  2. Those clouds thooo

  3. RV ROBE!

  4. Replacement Mirrors?

    They're just old and hard to adjust. Thanks for all of your responses im going to order some right now!!!
  5. Replacement Mirrors?

    These stock mirrors just aren't cutting it anymore. Does anyone have any recommendations on a replacement mirror that will work on these bars.
  6. Roof Rack/Basket

    So I have been looking into getting a roof rack or roof rack/basket system for the top of my 1987 Toyota Dolphin so I can put my kayaks and other gear on top of the roof. I was just wondering if anyone on here has done this or has any ideas on how I should approach doing this. Thanks!!
  7. Coleman TSR Rooftop AC issue

    Yeah I spoke with someone at an rv repair place and he said it sounds like the compressor and that it will most likely need an entire new unit
  8. Coleman TSR Rooftop AC issue

    Mark we just returned from watching the solar eclipse as well!! We were in Douglas Wyoming..so beautiful. Something has got to be wrong with the AC because its never pulled 4500-5000 watts of energy before. So yall think it is probably the capacitor that i should investigate?
  9. I have a Coleman TSR Roftoop ac that I have been using a 3,500 watt generator to power. Now all the sudden the ac is drawing over 4,000 watts of initial power when starting up the ac and it then overloads my generator. I am trying to figure out why the ac is all the sudden drawing such a crazy high load when it was fine a month ago and just drawing a max power of maybe 2200 watts. Is this some sort of electrical issue with my air conditioner? Just trying to figure out what it might be so i can begin working on it soon. Thanks, Nik
  10. 1987 toyota dolphin with a 22RE. Will not shift into overdrive. Sprayed WD40 on shift cables did not do anything. Motor overheating Any suggestions?
  11. Tiling Shower Pan?

    Yeah y'all are 100% right about a mold issue which would be terrible. What are your thoughts Linda on getting a nice finish on the pan? I mean are these pans cheap and easy to replace? Are they hard to find? I honestly haven't really looked into replacing it just yet (seems like a decent amount of work but who knows)
  12. Tiling Shower Pan?

    Has anyone tiled there shower pan? I am tired of looking at the aged yellow look of the pan and was wondering if anyone has a solution? I thought tiling the bottom might look pretty cool. Any suggestions? Also the sink in the bathroom is looking pretty yellowed as well, any suggestions on what kind of paint to use on it?
  13. Door Handle Light

    Dang! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for the information. I am going to start checking out the links yall provided now!! Thanks again!!!!!
  14. Door Handle Light

    I have attached an image of what i am talking about. Basically I am trying to figure out what to search for in order to find another one of these lighted door handles. If any of yall have information for where i might find or what i might search for in order to find another one of these lighted handles i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!