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  1. I'm pretty sure my wife and I are nuts. We have saved for a couple years with the idea that when the right turn-key Toyo camper showed up we would jump on it with cash in hand. And here we are with another project! That being said, the fund isn't dry yet, so we have something to get STARTED with. lol! Oh well. Keeps me out of trouble. Most of what is required with this project is new to me, and I'm not mechanically inclined to boot. But I'm stoked to learn something new, and reading up in this forum is what pushed me over the edge into 'project' territory. (I just looked up Prothane!) This link is the last project we had, and what we will continue to use until the Toyota is ready. The Toyota is going to be A LOT more work. http://repairingyesterdaystrailers.yuku.com/reply/23114/Just-wanted-to-say-Hello-#.WN6-9WkrKUk
  2. Shane

    Sunrader cab-over window

    3 hondo per plus shipping...
  3. Shane

    Sunrader cab-over window

    Really nice folks at Advantage RV! Just got off the phone with them and have started the process of replacing my cab-over windows. THANK YOU LINDA!
  4. Thanks for the comments. Really helps keep things in perspective.
  5. Thanks folks! Pictures might do the cabinets more justice than they deserve, but there is some salvageable material there. Just getting started on tearing out the old, musty and in areas, damp carpet. Once I make some progress I'll post pics. Also planning a trip to the Toyota shop and thought I'd bring a list of items gathered on this thread... Any other suggestions I might want to share with the mechanic? btw, my wife and I both drive Toyota's and take them to our regions Toyota dealership for recommended service. My usual mechanic said they have a guy at the shop who is very knowledgeable about the 22r and re...
  6. Shane

    Fair Price for 82 Sunrader

    Wow. Beautiful job. After spending a couple years looking for a Sunrader, again: What Linda said. Wouldn't be surprised if more than a few buyers would go 12 - 12.5. Well done.
  7. Greeting! LOVE this forum and have been lurking for awhile. My name is Shane and my family and I live in the Black Hills in South Dakota. My wife and I have been weighing whether we wanted a turn key outfit or a project and after 3 years of looking at every Toyota Motorhome craigslist post we could find (rarely seeing a Sunrader), we decided on a PROJECT. This is a 1984 21' Sunrader. 84,000 on the 22R, 4 speed manual. It does have the 6 lug swap out, and it runs well. We drove it home for $2500. That's about the end of the 'pros'. Cons are the leaky roof openings (a/c and vent). One cab-over window is shot. The rest of the windows seem to be holding a good seal. There is some damaged fiberglass between the 2 cab-over windows and near the rear drivers side tire. The roof has a sag where the a/c unit sits. The po also removed the passenger side cabinetry. I have paperwork from less than 2 years ago that show a previous owner had a new alternator, battery isolater and battery installed. None the less, no power to the coach. (Although the marker/ running lights work! I was surprised!) Not sure if any of the appliances/ systems work. The water holding tank, water heater, water pump and grey water tank are all still there. The original furnace is still there, but to the best of the po's knowledge, non-functional. It has the original stove/ oven, but a leaky propane line that I need to repair before I can test. The fridge is electric and not original. The previous owner never used any of the systems. Just the bed. Have only had it for a week and all we've done is clean it up a bit inside and out. The next stop will be our Toyota mechanic's shop to make sure all the fluids are changed, check all the hoses and rubber and whatever else he recommends, and then we'll get started on digging into it! I've read a lot on this forum and I am really grateful for such a killer resource and all the knowledge and wisdom shared here, so THANKS!