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  1. Hey all! Getting ready to install our Weber 32-36 carburetor kit in our 1982 Sunrader. Before we begin just want to know if I need to buy any other parts that don't come with the kit, like an ERG block off kit or anything else? Thanks!
  2. Thanks @Totem! I also found this thread https://www.yotatech.com/forums/f116/body-mount-bolt-sizes-1-bl-200932/ that says M10 x 80 x 1.25 are the way to go so we'll start there and likely grab some fender washers. THANK YOU!
  3. Yeah - We'll figure it out - was just curious if anyone knew off the top of their head. Thanks!
  4. Just looking for size metric hardware and grade.
  5. @Totem - it's the front vehicular seats. Any ideas? trying to get this done soon. Thanks!
  6. Cool! I was looking for sizes I guess but could you send a photo of what you have and the price? Thanks!
  7. The hardware we removed when we took out our seats is now missing. Just thought I'd check here to see if anyone knows off the top of their head what size bolts/hardware is needed for the seat reinstall on a 1982 Sunrader? I could put in the search time but just thought I'd tap the hive mind as I'm elbow deep in fiberglassing and taking advantage of the perfect weather we're having for that work right now, instead of spending a lot of time on the computer. Thanks!
  8. Hi Wandering Warren! I'm finally done with school so I will be able to add more over the coming weeks!
  9. Thanks @linda s!!! I forgot to tell you that your comment about the give in the floor made put my boyfriend at so much ease! It's a reality we hadn't fully considered and helps us feel better about the slight give in ours! thank you, again! another question - does anybody know the mounting depth for the windows? 1"? 1.25"? having trouble finding that as well. Thanks!
  10. I know! That guy's work is so impressive! So is yours, though! Thank you so much for the feedback. We'll keep considering. In the meantime, we're having trouble figuring out what size butyl tape to use for the windows. Any ideas out there?
  11. @ToyoGuy - that's exactly what we were thinking of doing. this is awesome to see, thank you! We were hoping to find thicker sheets of the fiberglass somewhere.... maybe we have to deconstruct old showers made for houses? hmmm.... so many options. Thank you!
  12. Sweet! I had suggested support brackets and we've done a TON of research on the raders, so we're familiar with how they are supposed to be built... ours is just missing a lot of the bolts, or the way they were bolted was shoddy, or blah blah blah... just a ton of minor headaches, which is all part of the fun of the DIY build! I wish we could've jacked the floor, but impossible for us, so we just sandwiched them together and are hoping for the best. good to know about the rigidity issue, though! We definitely want flex, maybe just not as much as we have? Only time will tell. Good call on replacing the screws, too! We plan to paint the whole thing an entirely different color so, other than the tediousness of the process, matching the colors and gel coat should be no big deal. One thing we can't figure out is where to buy large sheets of fiberglass that are the same style and width of the sunrader. We're still toying with the idea of raising the roof a bit, but can't find large sheets anywhere! Any thoughts? As always, thank you so so so so much!
  13. @WME ...yeah, we've noticed that the original/factory build was bull! Everything under there is sub par - definitely not up to our standards. What kind of help are you talking about, exactly? Bracing or...?
  14. ...and now to the project that has been plaguing the process.... the floor! As you'll see, we had the common experience of the popping back seam... but we also had a lot of damaged wood, center seam popping, sagginess, etc... My beau is amazing and is doing all of this work with limited hand tools - I'm very impressed! (again, photos will be reposted soon)
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