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  1. Seeking information on winter road conditions along route from Salt Lake City to Texas. Looking to avoid ice and snow combined with steep grades. For it reason, i reckon it best to avoid Colorado altogether. Have never driven south through Utah, so not familiar with passes, etc. Considering I-15 south to 491 and 191 into New Mexico. Thoughts, suggestions of best safest route?
  2. Considering letting go of my storage pod in order to redesign back bumper and hitch. Willing to accept bids starting at 400 plus shipping costs. Thoughts?
  3. Mountain passes; SLC to Houston, TX.

    WME: Do you know what those passes are like in the winter. Heading out this afternoon. Does anyone know what the Colorado passes are like along i 70 from slc to Denver? ...and then down i 25 from Denver to Albuquerque? Looking for quickest safest way to go, As I look out the window, i see the snow.
  4. Changed oil and filter. May have been slightly loose, if at all. Will keep a close eye on oil lever.
  5. Although i am tempted to tell you the full story of purchasing this '86 Sunrader 210RD and all the work that i have done to it so far (over the past year), i am in a possible pickle currently and require some advise, counsel, et cetera. Okay. First of all... yes, rig is over weight. Significantly. (With me, tools, reinforces frame, custom hitch, and 194 lb Ruckus on the back.) New tires. Yes the full floating Axel. Recently replaced rear Axel seal, bearing, races, grease, and differential. Fluids and Belts changed. Doing a slow flush on transmission, switching over to Amsoil Signature ATF. Had previously took it on a 250 mile road test. Currently, i am en route heading towards Texas, from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. As I type this, i am in Salt Lake City, Utah. On the way hear from Portland, the first 100 miles, my rig averaged 17.7 mpg. The next three fill ups averaged closer to 13.5mpg. In Portland, i put a quart of oil in it. On the trip here, o.d. Seemed to go out. Was going on and off at highway speeds just before going out. There was a noticeable ticking near my left knee, somewhere in between the fuse box up to the left side heater vent. Turned it off and kept it off. Before leaving it off though, I noticed that the ticking was only active when the o.d. button was depressed. Here in Salt Lake, i discovered that my rig was near two quarts low on oil. How concerned should i be. Will i be able to make it to Texas, or is this likely to stop my trip short? Notes and Observations: She does stall occasionally when putting in gear. Possible idle control, if so, not a priority. Otherwise seems to run fine. Seeking advice.
  6. Mountain passes; SLC to Houston, TX.

    WME, the Coronado leg of 491 was the notorious part, which is below Albuquerque; is this correct? Are the 3 passes you cited all north of Albuquerque? thanks Fred. Will check that out. Was looking for some reference source.
  7. 90915-YZZD1? This is not the same filter as the -YZZG2? Is this my problem? Hmm?
  8. Toyota O.E.M. Oil Filter #90915-YZZG2. Is this. It the correct filter for this rig? DEALERSHIP GAVE IT TO ME.
  9. Seems like a lot of oil is being lost. Tail pipe is not real sooty. Underside of engine is looking pretty good, save for the oil on and just below the filter sealing surface. WME and Maineah, do you reckon that I will be good to travel another 2k before getting into this repair? Pros and cons? Not sure how relevant this is... yet, although the tailpipe is not all sooty and stuff... it is moist(seems like water). When first started and pulling away, there is a significant amount of white smoke that comes out of tail pipe. Soon afterward, it does seem to clear up. Was told this may be the cat, blowing off steam?
  10. Seems like a lot of oil is being lost. Tail pipe is not real sooty. Underside of engine is looking pretty good, save for the oil on and just below the filter sealing surface. WME and Maineah, do you reckon that I will be good to travel another 2k before getting into this repair? Pros and cons?
  11. Replaced pcv valve. The existing one did rattle, somlikely okay? Any suggestions? Will give oil change soon, and replace filter.
  12. Upon closer inspection... This is what i have found: -only oil leak spotted seems to be coming from where (oem) oil filter mounts. -some nominal (yet seemingly recent) seepage from oiler filler cap, pcv grommet area, and valve screws. Purchased new pcv. Will replace when i figure how to correctly remove existing.
  13. Thank you all for the swift replies. It is quite chilly here in Northern Utah. Will like to continue heading south. Okay... will check PVC valve. Not certain what I am looking for there. Cracks? Oil leaking out? Perhaps will simply replace that as per Derek's and Totem's advise. Will again check coolant to see if there is any oil there. Also, the tail pipe. With front crank case seal... where am I looking for oil leakage? Engine looks pretty clean. There is one possible point of seepage on the block? Beneath the injector manifol(approximately 12" or so). The aforementioned ticking from o.d. (Relay?) first was noticed as a tick tick tick, about one per second. In the next ten miles of playing with it, the ticking' tempo increased. Now, the o.d. Does not come back on. Is it possibly a relay? Perhaps it is a good idea to leave it off anyway. Should I expect a steep reduction in mpg? Also, I did give it a valve adjustment this past Spring.
  14. Hey folks. Been perusing the forums to see if I might glean some answers concerning why my furnace is no longer blowing hot, and how to fix it. Last month it was working fine. Had only first tested it last month. Heat and blower all worked well. Although it could have been hotter. Yesterday I went to turn it on and no heat. Checked fuses. Checked propane supply. What happens: Turn on at thermostat. Turn thermostat all the way up. In approximately ten seconds the blower turns on. Another ten second or so, and I hear a single click. About five to ten seconds later, I hear a softer switching noise. In between these last two, when outside near furnace, i smell propane for two seconds. No other clicks. No heat. Propane smell quickly dissipates. What is the problem here? P.S. Recently replaced the ducting for furnace.
  15. Hydroflame model #8516; no heat?

    Is ther some place where we may find replacement parts for these older hydroflames?
  16. Yeah, that is what i was thinking. Started rig today, after three days of not working. Fuel gauge began working again today? Any ideas? Last spring, i did change out the fuel pump. We did not replace the rubber seal that goes between the tank and the pump assembly. Left the old one in place. Does this pose a problem?
  17. Fuel tank volume

    WME... What is the ball of clay for?
  18. DanAatTheCape: Why do you ask as to whether or not the check engine light illuminates before starting?
  19. Fuel gauge no workie, '81 Mini-Cruiser

    Yep. My gauge went down two days ago. Need to reckon what the problem is. A few weeks ago, it did stop working one day, and then was working fine the next. Two days ago it stopped working, and has not come back to life. '86 21' Sunrader. Just broke 40k. Sender unit eh?
  20. A little surprised to find nothing in this discussion forum concerning a woodstove in one of these little land yachts. What? No one hear replaced their cookstove with a little wooden cook stove? Found not a word of discussion on this topic.
  21. You will likely need to go with at least 3/4"... and even then? Even if the plywood does not brake when rig is standing still, it very well may leave an elongated 2' wide indent in the lawn.
  22. Have a complete set of four Cushion Covers that have come out of Sunrader. These are clean and in working order. Fabric is in excellent condition. Light Blue in color. 100 plus shipping. Sunrader only has 39k on it. These Cushion Covers rarely saw any actual use. Was waiting to see if I wanted to reuse them before offering these to others. Converting rear dinette into office/desk space.