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  1. I'm sorry Linda, I wasn't questioning the worth you stated at all, I just feel its a bit disingenuous for me to be asking that much for something someone else is asking so low for. I agree with you, my wife and I had a long discussion on whether I should just get a rental car and head to FL for a couple of days and come back with that one for so cheap. We finally agreed having two around the house would be one too many:) I'm a bit upset that the day I put mine up for sale is the day someone who doesn't know the worth puts theirs up for sale...
  2. Sorry to all for the mess of asking pricing for this rv, I just put it on classifieds with suggested pricing last night and this morning a similar rv came up in FL for sale for 13k so I have just deleted my classified postings--I don't want anyone to feel I was being dishonest with the pricing. I will use it with my family for another year--was really a toss up, I like my rv and don't want to get rid of it but feeling cramped too...I almost decided to go down to FL and buy the other rv--one for my wife and the girls and one for me and the boys:)
  3. If I'm correct, the axle had been upgraded by the early 90's. I've asked several axle guys if this axle is ok for the weight of the camper, all have said should be just fine. Course I really need to just have mine weighed.
  4. Buy it Kat, that's an incredible deal and looks good, has onan and ac unit. Mine is totally easy to maneuver, never felt like it was too long, fits in a regular parking space even with the box on the back.
  5. lol, just pm me and tell me what you're willing to pay if you want it, I just priced it as you advised:)
  6. Thanks for the help with pricing Linda. Derek, I can only tell you what I did--hopefully it will also work for you... At first I was trying to upload pictures I had transferred from my phone to the computer and always seemed to get the error. This time, I downloaded the pics off my google photos (which automatically downgrades the size of the pic) then uploaded to the site--worked, however I still had two pics get an error. This being said, I think it's a size issue--not sure what the site parameters are for upload pic size but this is my guess. Hope this helps.
  7. Ok, sorry for the long wait! promised I'd get you the inside pics, here they are if they will upload...
  8. Hey Freestone, Just wanted you to know I've been trying to upload pics of the inside like you requested but to no avail, gives me an error (-200) every time. I'll try again tomorrow. Just got the Ody back from the rv place where they worked on some wiring issues (put in new dynamic panel) and fixed the toilet gasket. Also had some engine trouble, seems to be running with less power so I gave it a tune up (new rotor, cap, wires, sparkies, fuel filter, etc) still running low on power so have taken it off to the shop. Also, am noticing now that I've had it out of the garage and we've had lots of rain, it will need some caulking done, looks like I have a leak from the running lights above the cab, from the fantastic vent, and possibly from the passenger rear side--suppose that's par for the course since it's been in my garage for 2 and a half years and I suppose the engine stuff is also par for the course...anyway, will have some pics up soon.
  9. thaiten

    Thaiten's 4xOdy

  10. Linda, I'm just now seeing the pic--don't know why it didn't show up earlier, is this one yours? Sweet ride
  11. I keep thinking I will get out there and take a pic of the interior, hopefully this weekend--we found that we were constantly moving things, setting up/taking down/hopping over each other...just like you said. Our oldest actually likes to sleep under our bed which is kind of funny--ours is the pull out sofa so she will just throw her sleeping pad and bag down and crawl in for the night with no worries of anyone stepping on her, then my second oldest can take the dinette bed we made. Ours is also in a constant state of being cleaned:) but I suppose that's just normal for 4 kids or 3 for that matter...
  12. Lol, it's crazy full--we have a 3 yr old, 6, 9, and 11, so three kids go up above the cab, wife and I sleep on the pull out and oldest sleeps beside us--I took out the two chairs beside the side door and installed bench seats with storage under and seat belts mounted to the frame so kids could have enough seat belts when traveling down the road, also installed a table that mounts to either side of the door and has a flip down leg on the other side, that table nestles into the front sides of the bench seats to make a 3rd bed. The joy is getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night:) And the reality is it's not comfortable hence the reason I'm selling my favorite vehicle...
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