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  1. Sorry to revisit this topic but search resulted with so many results. What would you recommend tire pressure and airbag pressure for an 18 ft Sunrader with Yokohama load D? Thank you
  2. EAA

    Every year I see a few Toyhomes in Oshkosh for the EAA Convention. Just curious are any of the owners on this forum?
  3. Thank you I ask because the ride has been real stiff in the back with each bump in the road magnified ... would adjusting inflation of airbags and tires have any effect on this stiffness?
  4. Stove

    Just removed stove/oven replaced with 3 burner cooktop. Now to finish cabinet below. Is there a market for the stove/oven? What price might I put on its value?
  5. Alaska 2017

    Please keep us posted have fun
  6. Replacing oven

    Has anyone replaced stove/oven with a cooktop? I have a 90 Sunrader and I'm contemplating removing existing with a 3 burner cooktop and building cabinet in the oven space. I very seldom use oven and it seems to be the source of a lot of rattling while driving. The 18 ft model could always use a little extra storage.
  7. Replacing oven

    WME like the look of that ... I'm removing oven waiting for 3 burner cooktop and build some cabinet, shelves, drawers not sure yet thanks to all for your advise
  8. Replacing oven

    That was/is the plan thanks for sharing
  9. Replacing oven

    Now you have me hesitating...do many of you have an issue with the rattling of stove/oven when driving on less than smooth roads? It's driving my wife crazy
  10. Would it be fair to ask the cost to fiberglass the windows on the Sunrader?
  11. Bolt on bike rack?

    You've got me a little worried I'm going to check mine out tomorrow ... I also bungee my bikes to ladder so that may take some of the weight off but ...
  12. Bolt on bike rack?

    I use the swagman 2 bike bumper rack works great. Has support in 4 places
  13. New owner! Wanted to say hi

    Let's see more pics
  14. New owner! Wanted to say hi

    Would you be willing to tell the price?
  15. Looking for a Sunrader

    I have a 18 ft Sunrader 1990 6 cylinder that I'd consider selling for 10K. Not sure that's in your budget.
  16. Another nice improvement Washed my toy with bar keepers now the Zep any suggests for the application? Thanks
  17. What paint color did you use for vent covers? Looks like it matched well Thanks
  18. Wi To Fla

    Drove my 90 Sunrader to Florida usually driving 65mph. Gas mileage ranged from 12.7 to 16.6. When I arrived I found no power in coach then realized coach battery cables loosened. Stove needs to be re fastened other than that unscathed. Had to park and return due to birth of 3rd grandson 2 weeks early. Will return late January to stay until April.
  19. Cab Carpet

    I'm ready to replace carpet in cab of my 90 Sunrader. Before I proceed I thought I'd reach out to this helpful group for tips suggestions etc. your advice has been so helpful in my other tasks. Thanks I have not done this before
  20. Check Up

    30 with 40+ around the corner Oshkosh WI May delay taking Sunrader to Ft Myers
  21. Cab Carpet

    Thanks that should do it appreciate it
  22. Cab Carpet

    Molded most likely I have watched videos and looks like something I can handle just thought I might get some tips from others. Will the molded carpet replace back to coach? I replaced coach carpet with laminate up to the lip where coach and cab meet.
  23. Help Fixing Top Bunk Window Leak Sunrader

    What did you use to polish your windows?
  24. Touring The Usa

    My wife and I are going to Nicaragua in January ... Any concerns regarding safe traveling? First time looking forward to it
  25. Gasket

    I'm looking for the gasket that goes between the cab and the coach ... I have a 90 Sunrader shorty Any help appreciated