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  1. thetoyotadude

    what generator to buy?

    (Newbie question) how do u know if u have the 13000btu a\c or not, I have a coleman rooftop ac, no manual came with my rig. And also not to drag this on too much but is there a difference in reliability between propane and gas generators? Nit picky I am...but I always like to be an expert on what I'm dealing with thanks guys
  2. thetoyotadude

    what generator to buy?

    Okay cool! So does ANYONE know what other generators fit besides the onan 2.8? And what's best? Propane, gasoline, or nat gas?
  3. thetoyotadude

    what generator to buy?

    Okay fair enough, just enough for my weekend warrior needs, which In other words bare f*kin minimum I'm pretty handy so I could weld a mount on an aftermarket, etc. But I'd just like to know what's available first b4 I go overboard., I'd run basic stuff, recharging batteries(if u call that basic) and a\c, I'm not that hardcore yet. what are you guys running? And are the dolphin, and other rv"s very similar in generator compartments or are they all different? <br />Thanks guys
  4. thetoyotadude

    i know nothing aboit rvls 92 toyota itasca

    <br />I just posted a question bout my propsne frige not working, but it just mite be I didn't wait long enough to cool. Thanks maineah Oh and I hear thjeres a recall on the frige? How do I figure out if mine hasbeen fixed or not? Thanks
  5. thetoyotadude

    i know nothing aboit rvls 92 toyota itasca

    Si I've started to learn my way around this thing, the batteries were deader than a door nail, so changed those out, and learned to light the frige with propane. So progress is making itself
  6. thetoyotadude

    what generator to buy?

    Thanks for your help, I don't really need a "normal" one persay, just one that will fit and do the job, is there other ones that will fit like a honda
  7. thetoyotadude

    what generator to buy?

    It has a generator compartmenrt built in, I can take pics if it will help
  8. thetoyotadude

    what generator to buy?

    I'd like to purchase a generator, is there a certain type that fits? Got a 92 spirit itasca by winnebago Thanks for your support
  9. <br />Hi, I just bought a 92. Winnibago itasca, it seemed in great shape, but I'm young and inexperienced, I'd just like some help, tips, etc how to use this fine camping machine. The lady said everything works but somethings I couldn't get to work like the a/c. Des that run on the 220 hook up?(No manual was included), I'm a mechanic so I can figure out that end of things but I'd like to make sure everythings working. Is there some things you guys would reccomend so that I'm ready to hit the road? Thank you for your time! Happy early 4th!