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  1. No doubt! Where in Oregon are you? I'm in Eugene...
  2. Your words of encouragement are much appreciated! We just finished a house remodel, so this seems small in comparison. I love woodworking and am confident in that aspect. The fiberglass/frame construction will be a learning process. I'll be sure to keep you all updated. My son wants to learn video editing, so we hope to start a YouTube channel soon!
  3. Fair enough! Worst case, the chassis/truck are worth what I paid for it easily. Thanks! Hilariously, there was another local Dolphin that was in worse shape(more to tear out and blown engine), so this one seems like a "steal." Good advice, thanks! There is a mess of wiring in back that I'm going to try my best to preserve. I'll take some exterior pics today. From what I can tell it had this layout(bathroom in back right corner):
  4. Well, I started tearing into the old girl. This build has some additional height in the middle with steel supports glassed in, but the walls seem to just be layers of plywood glued to the shell. The ceiling insulation was just foam wrapped in vinyl. I ripped out the ceiling wrap, over cab subfloor and one wheel well. Still a big mess, but sort of promising so far.
  5. Very nice work! I've got a total gut job in my future. It may just be time to learn how to weld. Do you have an estimate of how much you've spent so far?
  6. Well, I seem to have just purchased a rather rare 84 Sprint for dirt cheap. Luckily the engine runs rather well with 84k original miles and it seems to have the upgraded 6 lug rear axle. The rest...is a total shitshow. The sink/stove/fridge are all gone, save for the range hood, no dinette, I guess the "couch bed" is still there, toilet and shower are there, but most likely non-functional, etc. I have not really been able to find any pics of how the interior of this model was set up, save for this: http://www.toyotarvforsale.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/1984_golden-co-kitchen.jpg . I was int
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