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  1. Well I dropped the tank and it turned out to be quite easy. The toilet flange wasn't glued to the tank and the vent had a slip fitting. All in all I spent nearly 15 minutes on this project. I got lucky from what I have read. '
  2. I just ordered some calipers. Thanks for the info, hopefully all goes well. I plan on dropping the black tank this weekend in preparation for the suspension work, that sounds like a fun project.
  3. I will measure and see if they match. It is a 1984. Full float. They are pretty rusty and look like they need to be replaced. Thanks for the help.
  4. Thank you, after calling about 15 different shops I finally found someone that would do the work. They said I needed to replace the u bolts as well. Do you happen to know what the part number is for those? I have the 1 ton axle and am not sure what cross reference I need to consult to order the correct u bolts.
  5. I was wondering if anyone knows of someone in the Denver area, or beyond, that could install some old man emu leaf springs and Bilstein shocks on my 18' Sunrader. I have the springs, shocks, and bushings sitting here and ready to go. I have called countless shops, including every suspension shop I could find, and they either won't install my supplied parts or claim their lift cannot handle the Sunrader. If anyone knows of someone that can do this installation please give me a shout. Thanks.
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