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  1. KEVIN


    hey ron, i do not consider myself a pro, but i have some experience with a bumper mount genset. i have an 86 dolphin,after alot debating, i opted for a powermax 4400XP gen.(maxtool on ebay) me and a friend fabricated a 24"L x 18"W platform from 1/8" angle iron,topped it with a piece of spanner metal(open diamond) welded it level with the top of the bumper,braced it with two pieces of angle iron on a 45 degree angle to the bottom of the bumper. the gen. has 8 mounting holes on it, it fits on it perfect. Material and labor was $130.00 . Gen. weighs 130lbs. empty. Fire it up plug in and go. KEVIN
  2. gen. just came in on 10/18 real nice unit,quiet only problem i had (my fault) i plugged my 120/240v.twistlock in and switched over to 120/240 30amp power not knowing that you only get 15 amps per side (roof a/c kept tripping breaker on gen.) the voltage regulator fried called maxtool they are sending new reg. and brush. NOTE; do not switch to the 120/240v side (i learned the hard way) keep it on the 120v 30amp side ,will run everything. also 30amp to 120/240v adapter wire needed to have the black wire switched to opposite side to work with this gen.(tip from cust. svc.) adapter wire was not purchased from maxtool
  3. hey smokepolehall, i just bought one of those powermax 4400/3500 gens. on 10/12/07, should arrive by 10/19/07 ,will keep you posted on performance.i did alot of comparing ,this gen. had alot of options the others did not ( rv grade, pretty quiet 69decibels, rv switch ,240volt twistlock ,accesories ) i questioned the small size 23x17x17 but good things come in small packages.
  4. hey guys,me again i have a 1986 dolphin 21ft., already prewired for a gen. my question is what size gen. would have come with this unit,also if i put a gen. (onan,etc.) in the compartment do these units have their own gas tank, or do i have to tie into the m/h gas tank ? thanks as always.
  5. hey pat, thanks for the reply. the gen. is a 4kw. with 4 kids (4,9,15,16) t.v.,video, dvd player would be nice on long trips. no a/c this time of year (mass.) not sure if inverter would run everything .also i am welding an automotive muffler on the gen.,should quiet it down considerably.i just want to make sure any external gen. is safe to run while driving. thanks again
  6. hey guys , i own a 1986 toyota dolphin 21 ft. camper is prewired for genenerator, unfortunatley no funds to mount one in compartment. i am considering mounting a portable coleman on a platform 30in.x30in.off of the rear bumper,will i be wise running this gen. while drivivg to power everything, and should i weld gen. to platform (theft deterrent) thanks
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