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  1. To determine the right tire for your rig you divide the weight you expect to carry by number of tires. I have a dually, so if the weight of my RV was 6000, each of my 6 tires would need to safely support 1000lbs. Think of it like the game stiff as a board, light as a feather. Weight distribution amongst more than one support means less weight each support must carry!
  2. Wow! This is beautifully done! My rig was sold to me with the bathroom taken out, including black water tank, so the previous owners could install a secondary fuel tank. Where the toilet used to be, they added a captain's chair for their growing child. I had no idea the big window was original to the restroom! I think I may attempt a composting toilet, so I don't have to add a tank. Can anyone tell me if the sink in the bathroom uses the same pump switch as the one for the kitchen area? And if so, does leaving that on drain the battery? I was thinking about utilizing a "marine" foot pump-style, where you stomp a pedal to force water thru the spigot. Excited to see what remedy pans out.
  3. I just got a new front tires from Les Schwab. The four in rear were replaced by the previous owners not too long before I bought it. The two I got came out to less than $200 after disposal fees and balancing, so I can't imagine it costing more than $600-700 for all 6. Great part about Les Schwab is their 30-70,000 mile warranty that come with each new tire, depending on the model. I have heard the warranty may be contingent on getting an alignment in their shop. They will air them up for you anytime you stop in, which is great, since I find airing up my tires to be one of the simplest, yet one of my least favorite chores.
  4. Curious if you have anything to report on the methods you used! I bought my 1985 Dolphin from a couple outside Seattle in the midst of rainy season this past December and had to make all my repairs outside in between small bouts of rain. Currently heading south to southern California to properly coat the roof, secure the seams and before all that, reframe parts of the interior. I found that a lot of my leaks were caused by screws just barely holding onto rotted out 1"x2". 😩 Still trying to figure what I should coat my roof with once the rebuild is finished. I have a gallon of Flex Seal, which was honestly such a lifesaver in a pinch, but I think it's a little less durable than I hoped, or it just didn't cure properly given the conditions in which I applied it. I'm unsure what my roof material even is! But have vetted just about every option and still feel pretty much at a loss.
  5. I highly recommend the AAA Premier RV roadside assistance program! It's around $150 for the year, and you can add someone in your family, or a friend (who can travel with you on this trip) for around $50 extra. They will get their own allotted tows, and if with you, will be able to use them on your RV's behalf. If you can travel to the RV, this should work perfectly. They say it takes a week for full tow benefits to kick in, but I've had access to all my tows after just a couple days of registration. You get two 100 mile tows and one 200 mile tow per beneficiary. For around $200 that is 800 miles covered with two folks on one account! Highly highly recommend, and also unaffiliated with AAA, just stoked that I was able to move an old project '77 Toyota Dolphin to a friend's a few hours after signing up with them. Had my newer rig break down within two days of registration and had it towed 10 miles so I could work on it somewhere safe. Was told if I had reported myself as being in the middle of a trip, they would have covered the cost of food, lodging and possibly repairs.
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