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  1. Hey everyone who chimed in on this thread, Thank you! Looks like everything is running as it should, Battery is charging when we drive, coach battery got recharged up to 12.7ish. Thanks for the all the help. Now how do I improve the gas milage to over 12mpg? Took our inaugural overnight out to the Oregon coast last weekend. So great to have a vehicle to camp in, such a great upgrade from being in a tent. Best purchase I've made in a while.
  2. Continuing to learn. I think I do have the wrong isolator. even with the engine off I have a charge coming out of the opposite side of the isolator. And my coach battery charge after a night of sitting is at 11.40. With engine ignition off : Battery (12.40)--->Isolator input(12.40)--->isolator output to coach battery(11.4)---->coach battery (11.40). With the engine ignition off shouldn't the isolator output to coach battery read 0v? Can I revive my coach battery with a plug in battery charger?
  3. Alright I got a new Isolator (switch interuptor - what it says on the box). Basically looks the same as the one that was there but has the two prongs on the front. According to the diagram up above the second prong needs to be grounded. I did all this. I grounded it to chassis. I hooked up the other wires turned the key and what do you know?! I have 12 volts coming out the other side of the Isolator and to the coach battery. So I loaded up the dog and we went for a Sunday drive. When I came home an turned off the vehicle the gauge in the coach said full charge of 12 volts. So I think this all worked. My only guess for why that white wire was disconnected from the isolator is that it wasn't actually connected to the wiper motor but it was the actual connection to the Ignition. Maybe it was disconnected for winterizing?? So no chance of the house battery getting any charge form the car battery? Who knows. My only fear now is that the ground wire is attached to the wrong place or the wire isn't a heavy enough gage. I'll take a pic and post. Thank you a ton everyone for your input and helping me get this problem solved.
  4. Sorry 4.56 v Yeah I'm gonna try cleaning em up but I think a whole new might be the ticket. Are they all created equal?
  5. Btw WME- its a three post. So I checked all the volts. The car battery reads 12+ Volts, the terminal into the isolator reads about the same. I turned on the engine and the mystery white wire read 12+ volts. The terminal out of the isolator to the house battery reads 0v. I attached the white wire to the isolator and the terminal out of the isolator still read 0v. I attached the house battery and the reading out of the isolator read 456 volts and the house battery read the same. I'm gonna take a sunday drive and see if the volts go up but maybe my isolator is bad?
  6. Thanks everyone for the info. I have my volt meter and am going to check everything. Hoping its that white wire that I just have to attach to the b terminal on the isolator. What does WAG stand for? Also, if the white wire does solve the problem will this be enough to recharge the house battery since it is drained if I drive around for a while or will I need to get a battery charger to recharge the house battery? Thanks again cross your fingers.
  7. Adding on here. I took some pictureds and looked at the terminal switch diagram. So everything looks correct. Not sure what the little fuselike boxes are that the wires go to. Can you all take a look at the photos and see if something looks wrong. I followed the wires back to the terminal and on under the vehicle to the coach battery. The coach battery is grounded and everything looks attached in the right places. Could the rust on the terminal be causing a problem? Also checked the fuses, they seem to be intact. Thanks for any help!
  8. Thanks for all the info. Gonna start following wires. One more question. Since I drained my brand new battery can I jump it like I would my car battery or is it dead now and I need a new one. Seems like that is something I should know
  9. Hello- Keep fixing problems, keep finding problems. But I am getting closer. Current problem- I bought a brand new marine battery for the coach, worked great but noticed the charge kept decreasing until now its dead (after spending two days at the mechanic getting some engine work done). So I figured the wires are connected properly to the engine battery but I don't know. Everything looks connected properly in the little battery box. I looked in the engine but I don't know what to look for or what should be connected to the battery. I noticed there is some device on the fire wall that has a wire coming out of it that goes nowhere. I've attached pics. I don't think this has to do with the coach battery but who know. Any insight on why my coach battery might now be holding its charge is greatly appreciated.
  10. Hey Everyone- I'm wondering if the water piping and fixtures are still being manufactured. I have a 91 toyota spirit and I am installing a hot water heater bypass. I need a female to female elbow to attach to the brass valve that I've attached to the to the cold water intake. I haven't been able to find the part that I need and I haven't been able to find that type of grey tubing parts that my RV is equipped with so I'm wondering if it still exists. Thanks for any info.
  11. Thanks WME. I have a couple more questions about winterizing. I have drained the system of water. I've watched a couple videos and looks like the antifreeze gets put in the city water hook up and not into the big water tank. Is that correct? Also, I don't have bypass for my waterheater so I guess I've got to fill up my water heater with antifreeze? Thanks so much for any information.
  12. Hello- I have a new (to me) 91 Toyota Itasca spirit. I called into Toyota and found out that the head gasket repair was done in 1998. I have done a few drives and noticed some antifreeze and oil leakage from the area around the junction of the motor and transmission. I'm taking it in for a mechanic to check but wondered if anyone here knows about how long those head gasket repairs last? Thanks for any info, happy to be a new member here. Matt
  13. Newbie Here. Just bought my 91 Toyota Itasca Spirit with 49K. Stoked. I need the school year to end already so I can get on the road. In the meantime its weekend trips. I'm wondering how people winterize when they also use the rig during the winter? Just bring water bottles? Thanks, excited to get going on this group. Matt Salem, OR
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