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  1. Thank you Derek Up North, I am too . Calgary So the original engine would have been a 3.0 3VZE then? And this engine is desirable? Do I want a non original engine, is the upgrade worth it? I know very little about any other than the 22r, a little about the upgraded V6 but still not much
  2. Hi there, I am new to the board so please forgive me if I am in the wrong place. I am going to look at a 190 Toyota Itasca, it is a 6 hour drive round trip so I wanted to check this out first as I have never heard of this engine in these units. 3400 Four Cam 24? I have only seen the 22R and the 6 Thank you in advance, I am just wanting to buy one I can restore and I dont want something without original engine. April
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