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  1. 100%! I toured the country for about six years with my former band. We had a '66 Detroit Diesel (same bus that's in Almost Famous). Every time we broke down it was a huge ordeal to get a tow and find a mechanic/parts. I'm guessing this'll be no different and/or worse. It'll be nice to be working remotely and not rushing to shows if we have to hurry up and wait. My hope is that everything is in as good of shape as it appears... and if I religiously lube/oil/filter I can prevent a good amount of headaches. Time will tell though!
  2. The engine can also be found in some late 80’s / early 90’s land cruisers (or so I’ve been told). We bought this from a JDM (Japanese Domestic Motors) dealer in Seattle. We paid $19k. He bought it at auction in Japan. It must have sat in doors for years because there isn’t a trace of rust and the interior looks almost brand new. I actually quite liked the guy. He said he can help us order parts when the time comes. He has a pretty fantastic collection of vehicles and his site is worth checking out... https://www.jdmcarandmotorcycle.com/
  3. Hello! New to the forum and new to owning a Toyota RV... about five days new to be exact. I recently got a remote job that allows me to travel anywhere I can get internet (or even just a phone signal), so naturally my wife and I have been plotting to rent the house and hit the road. This past weekend we took a big step and pulled the trigger on a 1992 Toyota Coaster. It's a right hand drive, Japanese import with a 1H-DT, straight six diesel engine. I'm no mechanic and I'm a little concerned about finding parts down the road... but the bus is in amazing shape, with zero trace of rust (or wear anywhere really) with impressively low miles. I drove it home across Washington State and was super impressed. Anyways, I'd love to gain some knowledgable perspectives, tips for maintenance, things to watch out for... etc. etc. Cheers, Matt (and Missy)
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