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  1. I appreciate the comments, really! I decided to pass. The work involved with getting it to useable shape seems a little crazy. I love the Toys and have been looking for a while. A friend of mine who bought a great one spent two years looking for the right one. I love the sunrader but I like the chinooks too, and I heard that the 1978 chinook Omega had a fiberglass frame as well. So the search continues!!!
  2. Hi there everyone. New to the Toy world but getting acquainted fast due to the Sunrader following. I was wondering if anyone could help me. A guy I know is selling his 1984 sunrader for $4400. Needs to be updated to 6 lug axle, water damage in the roof, almost completely stripped inside (except fridge and toilet- which I'm not sure are working or not), and has 153000 miles on it . Is this a good idea to buy or am I biting off more than I can chew? Mind you I am not a mechanic or even a basic DIY'er. It would all be pretty new to me on how to's. Thanks!
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