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  1. So my beast randomly died on me the other day. She was running fine, and the gas was low but not on empty, and she stalled out and wouldn't start as if it had ran out of gas. Put more gas in her and charged the battery and she'll crank but sounds like fuel isn't getting into the system, just keeps trying to crank but nothing fires. I'm not an expert, but I was thinking maybe the fuel pump sucked some shit into it? Any advice is appreciated.
  2. Hey guys thanks for all the help! Turns out the fan clutch was it, and she's running like a champ now!
  3. Hey guys. So I just filled up my propane tank, and hooked up the regulator and no pressure. I tried to open it very slowly since it hasn't been used in awhile, but no luck. Right when I open the valve, I hear a little gas come out but then nothing, so I'm thinking maybe a bad regulator? Any advice is appreciated!
  4. Thanks for all the help guys. I'm gonna go ahead and change the fan clutch so pretty much everything will be new. As of now, this thing has a new engine core, all new belts, new hoses, new radiator, new tstat that I verified is opening, and a new water pump, and I full burped the system. Does great, runs a little hot still, but once I get climbing uphill it overheats. For some reason, the truck is already so hot when I start climbing it has no choice but to overheat. If anyone can help me figure this out thatd be awesome cause I'm baffled
  5. There is a chance. I'm not an expert on it, so I let it run for about 30 mins with the cap off while occasionally squeezing the top hose. And it does seem that the fan is always running, so maybe that's the issue here?
  6. The fan clutch is my next guess. It doesnt offer much resistance, so does that mean it's gone bad? And no, I didnt get to check if it opens for sure so I might give that a shot as well.
  7. Update: she was running good for awhile after I burped the cooling system. Was doing great on the highway, in the city, etc. But it was still running a bit warmer than I like (right under the top white line so over 3/4). So just see what would happen, I installed a Genuine Toyota thermostat and burped the system again, and now the problem is worse and even overheats while idling. Now I'm thinking I shouldn't have touched anything, but didn't want her running at max temp all the time. Anyone know what might have happened?
  8. I thought that too, but I just had a new core installed not even 2 days ago by a professional (?) mechanic. I would assume it would have a new head gasket, but I am by no means an expert. Would a new core have that, or would they check when installing? And same thing on mine, no oil in the coolant so I had ruled that out. I burped the system to be sure last night but haven't gotten a chance to test it.
  9. Hey guys. So I've got a 89 dolphin with 4cyl 22re that's running a little hot. I've done full radiator swap (new 3 row radiator, new thermostat, new water pump, new hoses), and recently had to replace the core because of a rod knock. All said and done it's still running a little hot. Gauge reaches 3/4 temp when on the highway doin over 55. Im pretty baffled now, is this thing doomed? Appreciate any advice.
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