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  1. slcinwa

    Catalog of manufacturers and models

    I actually bought my 1992 Winnebago Micro Minnie sight unseen. Of course, I paid to have it inspected by a very reputable RV shop AND a mechanical shop BEFORE making the final commitment. I knew the floor plan well as I'd done my research. I also saw very close up photos of damn near everything first. Both of the inspections resulted in multiple people telling me she was a "gem"; one even wanted to buy her if I decided not to! So bottom line is decide what you want, decide your budget and then look around. But truthfully, when you find a good one, grab it right away. There were two buyers behind me and I got lucky because I made the offer first. Good luck to you! Post pics when you find yours. 😄
  2. slcinwa

    towing limits 92 warrior

    Love it! What did you do to the motorhome, if anything, to support the towing?
  3. slcinwa

    towing limits 92 warrior

    I'm taking my 1992 Winnebago Warrior to my local RV shop tomorrow. I'm going to talk to them about strengthening up the frame for towing a little Smart car (less than 2K pounds).
  4. slcinwa

    She's all mine!! 1992 Warrior

    All motorhome issues are done and she went to the mechanic to get the timing belt changed (due to age primarily). Mechanic says she's is in exceptional shape, as did the motorhome repair guy. Tomorrow she's getting all new tires and then I get to bring her home. So many things I want to see and do with her. Moab, Grand Canyon, Baja California and Florida are tops on the list. Will likely be solo traveling so any tips are very much appreciated.
  5. slcinwa

    She's all mine!! 1992 Warrior

    Mileage is 61,405 and no, it doesn't have a generator. Would love to find a gently used 2500 KW generator for it. I also plan to install solar panels as well at some point. Right now I'm trying to prepare my yard where she will be parked when I bring her home. I have to put down some gravel and arrange for a shelter of some sort.
  6. slcinwa

    Looking for an RV

    Hi there, If you're looking for a Toyota RV, this seems to be a good place to state: http://www.toyotarvforsale.com/
  7. slcinwa

    She's all mine!! 1992 Warrior

    *waves hello* Thank you so much Joe from Dover.
  8. slcinwa

    She's all mine!! 1992 Warrior

    That makes sense. I probably won't be bringing her home for a couple of weeks. They are sealing the roof, fixing a small propane leak, changing out the inverter, and putting a new gas detector in for me. Then I need some tires. I'm naming her "Minnie". Maybe not original but it goes with Mickey and Missy (my two little Cavs that will be traveling with me).
  9. slcinwa

    She's all mine!! 1992 Warrior

    Thank you so much Linda S! 😁
  10. slcinwa

    She's all mine!! 1992 Warrior

    That is EXACTLY the kind of deal I'm looking for!!! What I'm really wondering though is size; would it be 12'? 15'?
  11. slcinwa

    She's all mine!! 1992 Warrior

    Thanks Anthony! What size awning should I look for do you think?
  12. So excited! Finalized the deal after getting really good inspections from both automotive repair shop and RV Inspector. She's got some minor things that need doing, but I'm having those done before I bring her home. Then I need to get new tires on her (due to age).