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Hi All,

Just bought my 1990 Winnebago Warrior 10 days ago, I've got to spend all of 4 hours in it so far learning how everything works and was planning to give it a big clean and do some exterior re-sealing this weekend. Very excited to spend more time with the camper and loving this forum!

However, I went to go to work this morning and noticed that someone has clipped the back left corner either when driving by camper or when trying to park beside it. They were moving toward the back end and have taken off the side light, opened up the seam between the side and back panel (bending the back panel out of shape) and done some damage to the supporting woodwork inside. Photos are attached. This must of happened only one day before I noticed it because I walk by the camper daily and would have noticed it had it happened earlier. Also the rain overnight has had a chance to get in :( I've got it covered with plastic for now.

Anyway, What do you think the repair job will be like? Something I will need a professional to do, or could I do it myself?

I'm super disappointed this happened before I could actually use the camper. My Fiance and I were planning a trip in the next 2 weeks, then we are doing a tour of the States from May through to July so definitely need it in working order again by then.

Thanks in advance for all the help!






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Oh Man Nicdob that sucks! Do you have insurance? Anything can be fixed but probably pricey. That metal channel is going to be hard to straighten out. I'd seal that area real fast to prevent more damage to the interior. I would buy a roll of 4" Eternabond tape and seal it up before you get it repaired. Just remember that the surface must be clean for the tape to adhere and once applied it is very hard to remove! My two cents and Good Luck

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Update: we DO have insurance (phew) and the excess is $300 - so that is a big relief. Also means that I won't have to do all the work myself.

Thanks Markwilliam1 for prompting me there. I'll also make sure the insurance company is OK with me pushing things back together and getting the eternabond on the crack to preserve it.

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OUCH! so sorry for your luck. but, having insurance to cover the repair is fortunate. if i may offer some suggestions, find a reputable repair shop. and , get some type of warranty. ask for past clients as a reference to check on quality of workmanship, also how timely the repair shop completed the work. make sure you are satisfied with the repair before "signing off" on the insurance claim. i suffered a situation with my winnie last year that involved a whole new roof. good news was my insurance covered the nearly $5,000.00 repair. bad news was it took nearly 7 months at the repair shop. i found out AFTER THE FACT, the repair shop was notorious for delays in making repairs. all said and done the shop did perform excellent work. but the shop was less than honest in accurately estimating the time frame for the repairs. which forced me to cancel trip plans twice. just offering my experience in hopes you may avoid a similar fate. best of luck. and share your outcome please. joe from dover

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Depends on how much time and money you have. We had a similar seam issue, there were gaps. We removed the trim, we used the seam tape mentioned above to push in the corners, tape it up, then put liquid sealant in the trim and used new screws to replace the original trim. We also resealed the edges of the trim. Its not exactly beautiful but works great. You may want to spray in some insulation before sealing it up. On the tape, it works great but IS hard to remove if you need to, and use it on a clean surface.

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