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Is this the correct water inlet replacement for MicroWarrior


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Hi, the water inlet for hooking up a hose leaked all over during my last rv park stay and I'm pretty sure it's the original.

I found this on Amazon and was thinking it should fit but was hoping someone on board would be able to confirm. The holes look in about the right spots.


Thank you!

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I have a 94 Sea breeze and the link you show would fit mine.   However there are female and male threads. On the inside where it connects (the opposite end of  the hose) If the threads are inside it is considered female and it the threads are outside it is considered male.   Buying the same one would make installation simpler!   Did you try replacing the washer in the old one and making sure the end of the hose is round?  These things are basic and is usually a bad washer or end of hose deformed, not saying they do not go bad.   

Your  link is a female and the one below is male.




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before you tear into it, I suggest you try this easy check - push in the reed valve (with system pressurized - turn on pump pressure switch) .  If any debris, sand etc is in the reed valve it will leak. If you do as I suggest, water will blow out and clean the crap out.


Worked once for me -- 93 winniie warrior.


Another work around is to get a screw on cap - I keep

one on mine.


check this:  http://www.homedepot.com/p/Orbit-3-4-in-Threaded-Hose-Caps-2-Pack-27902/100659301

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Thank you both jjrbus and DanAatTheCape for the feedback! 

I will take a look at the valve ( I had no idea about the fe/male threads) and try the easy check. I do appreciate your taking the time to write back.

EDIT: I didn't check the washer either.

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