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Camp Champ - the kitchen in a box

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You got to understand this is German they don't treat a meal as we do in the states. If you think that's over the top don't ever go camping with a Frenchmen! 

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I like to prepare good food and I love to eat it.  My first question is-Why would I want to pull a trailer with all of that stuff to cook my meals.  I carry a #8 Griswold cast iron pan, 4 good quality stainless steel pans w/lids, a good selection of smaller sized spices, good knives and utensils, and decent plates and drinking wear.  I bet that the box that they have everything in weighs more than everything I carry to cook and serve my meals.


I bet they even travel with a butler to take care of all that stuff.

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Having been to and working in Germany several years now, I can confirm Maineah is correct. What passes for campers there are very small vans and the cooking would be done outside. I stayed once in a town at a hotel next to an RV park where the largest one was about the size of a chinook.

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