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Tuffy - 2003-2016


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I am not what you'd call a "cat person."  My take on cats is they only "tolerate" their enslaved humans and permit them to make them food offerings. That being said - our's just died after laying around sick for near 2 months.  Had her 12 years.  12 years ago on a cold snowy night - maybe 2 in the morning - my wife said she thought she heard a cat crying outside.  We lived in the woods and always slept with the bedroom window open We had a wood furnace going all the time so the window was open even when it was below zero outside.  So, 2 in the morning my wife walks into the woods in 2 feet of new snow and hears the cat under a junk car .  Reaches underneath and finds a sort of nest with 7 dead kittens.  All frozen solid. But in the middle - there was one still alive. So in the house she came.  Our dog immediately adopted her and was very protective.  Our last child was born around the same time. So our boy and the kitten grew up together.  I swear cats sit around and fantasize about killing their "owners."  Maybe not with our boy.  She loved him. 

This summer, our dog got very lame and could hardly walk. Around the same time, the cat started getting weak and not eating much.  My  older son told us it might be the effects of feeding them cheap pet foods that have toxins and lack enzymes.  Long story short - we started buying better food. It brought our dog back to life.  She runs and all lameness is gone which I find amazing.  No such luck with the cat.  I asked an old friend of mine what he thought. He is an 80 year old animal vet.  He told me he puts down a half-dozen cats a week like our's.  He says it is renal failure and there is NO treatment.  So as long as she did not seem to be in pain - we let her just lay around for near two months. Yesterday, our boy was petting her and she started purring like crazy.  Two hours later she died.   So, I guess I'm glad she died at home. Ironically during a big snow storm. Biggest one we've had in a few years.  

I know, pet stories are likely boring unless they involve our own pets.  Too bad. Here is is. Digital ink is cheap. I had a love-hate relationship with Tuffy for 12 years, but DID care about her and have to admit - miss her now. Photo on the couch is the day before she died.

Mooch & Tuffie - 3.jpg


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Yeah, cats are ,ummm, special?? ...they say dogs have owners, and cats have servants!!....I'm sure I will miss our 16 yr old cat too when she goes, but not the hair all over, the hairball gaking, and scattered litter!

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