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Upgrade: Spend My Money for Me

Sunrading Arkansas

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So, I need help deciding which upgrade to do before we head out on our trip....here's my thoughts:

The Sunrader has the original Converter in it AND the original Alternator. Both are working fine, but I would like to upgrade one before leaving. I'm anticipating driving more than being stopped long-term anywhere (as we have about 8000mi. to cover in about 7-8weeks). Also, will be using a CrockPot (100w), very minimal Microwaving (6-10min/day), and charging my work Laptop/Cell phone while on the road. This has me leaning more toward the Alt. as the more appropriate spend. However the original 6300 Converter is old (very, glass fuses, etc.) and I would want this to function reliably when needed.

Here's what I'm looking at:

Converter/Board: http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/item/45-amp-universal-replacement-kit/58357


Alternator Kit: http://www.lceperformance.com/High-Output-Alternator-Kit-120-Amp-22R-RE-RET-p/1080050.htm

....Any input/alternatives/etc. is appreciated, Thanks!

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There is no need for the Alternator upgrade, unless you have added significant loads to the trucks electrical suystem.

The Converter upgrade would probably be the most beneficial, particularly if you spend time plugged into shore power. What the upgrade will buy you is,

A) higher power capacity - needed if you have added more power consumers.
B) Higher re-charge rate - Great if your plugged in for short time (a few hours)
C) Tri-state - Great if your on shore power for long lengths of time (weeks) so it won't cook the battery.

If your concerned about power, Your money will be better spent upgrading lights, i.e. goto LEDs they consume about 1/5 the power of regular bulbs.

JOhn Mc

88 Dolphin 4 Auto

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Thanks John, I did the LED upgrade and have been very happy with the outcome. Didn't think about the higher recharge rate on the converter, good stuff.

Zach, good point - the alternator seems to be working fine for now, but that would be a much cheaper alternative.

My main power consumers will be used while we're driving, so the 60amp may be plenty sufficient i suppose.

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and the bigger reason to upgrade the converter is that the stock converter is sulfating your battery literally causing damage to your battery when it reaches saturation charge.

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