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I've had mine on for about 3,000 miles now, they are pretty sweet. I am running the slightly taller 195s and wishing for a little more horsepower. I felt like I needed the extra load capacity since I am always rear axle heavy. Scale says 6800 total but haven't weighed individual axles yet. Tires are quieter than what I had before and sidewall flex is much less. I'll buy another set of them again.

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I never could find a table on the net, so I asked Hankook the following question:-

"I'm looking for Load/Inflation Tables for Hankook RA08 tires in 185R14 size."

This is the reply I got:-

Thanks for the question. I was able to come across a load chart in a metric format. You'll just have to convert it for your needs.

Inflation (kPa) 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 325 350 375 400 425 450

Single (kg)...... 490 520 550 580 610 635 665 695 725 755 785 810 840

Dual (kg)........ 470 500 525 555 580 605 630 660 690 720 745 775 800


Nicholas T.

Quality & Service Team

Hankook Tire America Corp.
1450 Valley Rd , Wayne , NJ 07470
Tel : 1-800-HANKOOK (426-5665) X 616
Fax : 973.633.9980
email : nicholast@hankooktireusa.com

Note: These numbers only go as high as 1600lb @ 50psi which corresponds to a Load Range C tire. I've sent Nicholas an email to see if he can find numbers for Load Range D.

EDIT: I've added in BOLD the numbers sent by Nicholas for Load Range D.


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I sent the same request to Yokohama for Load/Inflation tables. It took them 2 weeks to answer. Here's what they sent. Also includes values for 195R14. Sorry about the units! But they are the same numbers that Hankook uses. All the manufacturers follow the same standards. These happen to be published by JATMA (Japanese Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association).

Good morning

Thank you for your email and for your interest in our products.
We were able to find an inflation table however, it is in kPa.

We recommend you visit an authorized Yokohama dealer or contact the manufacturer of your motorhome to make sure you have the right pressure to support your vehicle.

Isabelle Themens
Customer Service Manager
Tel : 450-963-7934
Toll Free: 1-888-YOKO-TEL (965-6835)
Fax: 450-963-3648



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