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4x4 for sale craigslist


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I agree!!

Nice flip.

I would love to have a 4x4 (too small)

Dec. 16,2006 we purchased a 86 21' Sunrader in gold county..

We are happy.


Tucker in Salinas

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Thanks to your good offices I am now the new registered owner of said 4X4 Sunrader.

I saw your note and called the seller immediately; I was first to drive the next morning while the phone went crazy. Ironically, I had cash in my pocket because a different deal had fallen through two weeks earlier. One door closes and another opens.

I haven't responded until now due to personal pressures here, and the sense of impending doom if tell anyone about my acquisition -- "if it's too good to be true then it probably is." -- even though it was smogged, tagged, insured, and stored within twenty-four hours. Now I've got another major project at a difficult time -- much of the coach must be stripped and restored just to permit a brief walk-through.

I'm choosing to send you my thanks in the discussion forum, rather than private message, to emphasize to readers the impact these forums on this site can have for those interested in the Toyota chassis. In this case, the instant email notification of a new discussion topic is what put me in first position to buy the Rader -- that and a member's consideration of other members' interests. I hope to return the favor in the near future.

I'll post this unit's particulars in the Gallery and 4X4 forums soon.

Is there something you need, Tucker? I'm good with upgrading batteries, holding tanks, electrical, and plumbing. How about some secret hideaways out West? Then there's wine, theater tickets, home remodeling, exotic vacations. Feel free to private message me and we'll work something out. I won't get too extravagant because it'll be a long time before the verdict is in on the overall viability of this project in my life. It may be the death of me.

I must also make a generous gesture to the seller who held his price in the face of overwhelming advice to withdraw the offer. A certain kinship between us was apparent. It's now my responsibility to 'keep it in the fold.' The seller bought it in '87.

Drop me a line, sir.

Steve R.

San Francisco

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Hey Steve,

I am so happy for you! 2001 while at Disneyland I saw my first 4x4 it was love at first sight. One day I hope to own a 4x4 just not the right time. Karina, 2 German Shepards and me is a crowd.By the way, 2nd one I've found in 4 months. As always I am happy for the new onwers but I wish it was me.

Steve my favor would be to see

"The Rader" up close sometime.

And by the way

I'm female and always in need of good advice.

Send me a private email sometime with pictures please.

Cheers from Salinas,


Ps.Rv Dr. George.com in Sac. has misc. parts

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I'm planning to crash the Big Sur Toy-in with the 4X4 on the 20th. Short hop from Salinas, isn't it?

It'll probably be weeks before I get around to posting pictures privately and on this site.

Steve R.

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