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After Toyotas are gone, what's the newer choice?


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I was hesitant to post the link for the Toyota book on this site, not being certain of the current site policy.  But you've identified the book.



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Ok, completed a trip from California coast to Madison WI area, and back.  Took 80 thru Reno, SLCity, Omaha, Des Moines.  I promised an update...


13 mpg.  Set the cruise at 65 or 72.  Pulled mountains ok.  Slowed to 50 mph in a couple of places.  I have a Scangage and after market trans cooler.  Trans temp 150 to 200 which is fine.  


It's not the same as a Toyota, but very similar.  Big positive is a "basement" with a compartment from side to side that holds things over 6' long.   You could carry a body there.  2000 pound trailer hitch comes with it.  


The driver sits a little higher than in the toyota.


The factory Winnebago driver seat is marginal.    The Dolphin seat was satisfactory, the Winnebago seat needs an upgrade.


Side and rear visibility is fine.


I love the generator.


Big 19" tv comes built in.  Roof air, dash air.  


Flat floor (front wheel drive).  And good storage for 20.5 feet long.


The gas tank is 21 gallons, but i still fill it every 200 miles.


The gas tank fill in next to the driver door.  This is better for me.


The V6 VW requires (not suggests) 91 octane.  50-60 cents per gallon more for the higher octane fuel.


Seems like a good vehicle.


They seem to go for $20k-27k.  For the price you ought to be able to get a dolphin or two in excellent or  very good condition.  


Good  Dolphins seem to command $10k give or take, but I have not shopped them much.  Just saying.  Itasca/Winnie units maybe $15k???  


IMO, either the Vista on VW chassis, or a  good Toyota rig should hold value.







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Ok, been 10,000 miles in the vw chassis MH.  12 mpg average.  91 octane costs more.  I still love the Toyota MH, but the Vista is good too.  Same comfort once parked.  Not much different.  I do love the generator.  I like the rear bath. 


If money was real tight, the Toyota is better, just because of fuel cost.  All else seems the same, except for maybe the initial buy in.  Dolphin 8-14k  Vista maybe 23k to 30k in equal condition.


I saw many Rialta rigs on the  road this time.  Not many Toyotas.  But then fewer motorhomes all around, but the RV parks seem to have escalated prices this year.  Paid $12.50 in Chappell Nebraska, and $65 in Ok City, $62  in a couple of other places.  It seem to me a KOA or equivalent shoud be worth maybe $40. but what do I know.


Either way, it is still a small MH.  Trading up to a MBZ/Sprinter chassis is nicer, but then lots more money too.


I believe I have a buyer for the Wanderlodge.  A real nice coach, but we're not using it any more.


Love the toyota experience.

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 Interesting.......I almost bought a VW.......guy had it listed for $8k. He was 4.5 hours away. I knew I would never get there in time to buy it and it sold quick. 


 My MIL had a MB Sprinter. Dang it was nice. Diesel, and ran great. Big bucks though. She tried to get me to take it but I don't like to be responsible for something like that when it's not mine. She ended up selling it. 


 Everything I've read says the Nissan V6's are good for many miles so I hope to not have to worry about something else for a long while. Though if I ever run across a great deal on a Sunrader all bets are off. LOL 

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Before I bought my Toy I spent a year on the Rialta site.  Started to notice a couple things.  First was people that bought them were getting rid of them far too often.  Second was service complaints.  The end for me was a couple that took a sabbatical from work and headed off across country.  Got someplace in the midwest and the transmission failed.   Had a difficult time finding someone to service it and when they did were told they could pick it up in 4 months at a ridiculous cost!  No thanks.


The Toy has a cornucopia of parts available,  rarely hear of someone having an issue getting service.   Tons of technical info,  quite a few RV forums and several Toyota mechanical forums.   No Toys available I would go right past the VW and into a Ford/Chevy class B or C. 

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Posted (edited)

I totally agree on the parts availability...  and would totally understand taking an 80's vintage Toy or even a 80's or 70's trailer and doing a total re-build.  But then it is different strokes for different folks.


If I had purchased the big winner lottery ticket last week, I'd have flown first class to the Lazy Daze factory and placed my order.   But I'd still love the Toyota MHs.


I'm seeing a growing group of Rialta lovers and VW lovers.  There's a company called Pop Top or something like that near Bakersfield.  They sell refurbished with a good warranty.  


The transmission risk can be greatly mitigated with frequent fluid changes and install of a scan-gauge and cooler.  The original factory cooler was inadequate to say the least.  But still in the  back of one's mind there is the willingness to take a risk.  FWIW there are quite a few out there that get a lot of use, and have 200k plus miles on them with happy original owners.


I've had mine for a year, driven it hard for 10k miles, and like it so far.  But then I've had 9 RVs so far.  They all had their faults.  


It makes no logical sense to have an RV for most people, but we do it anyway.  Like timeshares, motorcycles, boats, guitars, marriages, horses, and such, you have to pick your hobbies and commitments, and make the best of it.


Ok I'll go back into my cave.  Thank you for listening.


I become un-retired next week and am returning to the work force for a while... then maybe save up for whatever.


Stay healthy and safe.  Live life winning!

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