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1986 22re with A43D automatic transmission. There's a leak coming from the shift lever linkage where it goes into the transmission above the pan.  I confirmed that the circled area below is where the leak is coming from by wrapping a shop paper towel around the lever and it gets soaked with ATF after a couple of days. I've looked through the Toyota Shop Manual as well as the A43D Transmission Service and Repair Manual and I can't find anything that would tell me if there's a gasket/o-ring or some other part that might have failed in that area or the steps needed to fix the leak.  I would really appreciate any help in diagnosing and repairing this problem.



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https://at-manuals.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/manuals/A43D repair manual.pdf


if you find page AT-12, there is a labeled oil seal on each end of the shifter shaft.  This is commonly the case, and the seal is commonly designed for removal and replacement without opening the transmission.


PS- I cannot view your photo.

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Thank you, I had this manual but somehow missed it.


 I found the needed seal on NAPA's site: "Automatic Transmission Seal, Manual Valve Lever Shaft - Metal Clad. Part number ATP 15234".


MODS, please close this thread or delete it if you'd like.  I'll post updates in this A43D specific thread: 


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Better to post your updates in your own thread. Spungo's thread is long and information you might add can be hard to find if you have to go through hundreds of posts. We are always looking for new teachers here. With pictures when you can. 

Linda S

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Replaced the leaking seals on both driver and passenger sides of the transmission.  Not a bad job at all with the right basic tools.  It's tight but there's enough room to get it done in place. 


I drained about 3 qts of ATF prior to doing this repair.  I bought 2 new seals from NAPA: Automatic Transmission Seal, Manual Valve Lever Shaft - Metal Clad. Part number ATP 15234.


Passenger side. Remove the bolt, nut and a locking washer from the neatral switch and pull it off



Old seal is now visible, red clay color in my case



Driver side. Remove the cotter pin on the left side and the 4mm hex nut above the transmission pan and take the shift lever assebly off.



The old seal is now visible



I've tried different methods of removing the seals, including a small screw, but the only one that worked was using this pick tool from Walmart. Basically make a hole in the middle of the seal with the pick's sharp tip, insert, angle the tip towards you and pull. Then do it on the opposite side of the seal and alternate pulling. Just make sure that the sharp tip doesn't come into contact with anything but the seal itself. 



Installing the new seal is easy. Clean out the area with some break clean, q-tips and shop towels first. Put some grease on the seal and the shaft. Then use a deep socket placed on top of the seal to push it in with just the fingers first and then lightly tap it in to seat against the case. This picture was taken before wiping off the grease.



Same on the other side



Comparing before and after pictures I noticed that the new seal was sitting something like 1mm further out than the old one. I measured both the old and the new seals and the new one is that much wider so I think that's just how it is.



Perhaps this will finally fix a slow leak that I've had for a while now. It sat overnight after I filled up the ATF to the correct level and so far so good. True test will be after I put it all back together and go on a long drive.


I couldn't find this information anywhere and if you're having a similar issue I hope this is helpful.


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