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Looking to buy a Toyota Dolphin motorhome RE22 engine

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I sold my 1988 Toyota Dolphin motorhome. I owned it for 25 years and made many improvements, and it lived in an airplane hangar in Rosamond California. I am hoping to get in touch with the new owners and see if they would consider selling it back to me. I sold it to a college kid and noticed he sold it last September 3rd in Bakersfield Ca. To a couple in Course Gold Calif. I called the Calif. DMV but they could not give me any info. I am hoping someone will know the people that now own it. I would just like to get in line to be the next owner. 661256 4868
Tucson Arizona
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I have another friend on this site who started looking for an RV 5 years ago. Trouble was he was only interested in a certain type and even when they came on the market they were sold before he could get there. In the mean time prices have gone through the roof and Toyota motorhome have gotten scarcer and he still has nothing.

I found the old ad for your 88 that was for sale in Bakersfield. Yes, it is beautiful. Is it more beautiful than the V6 model I found in your home town? Absolutely not and your old 4 banger sold for 6 thousand dollars more than the price on the newer one. You should know that the V6 models have an upgraded chassis and ride much smoother than the 4 cylinder ones.

At our age waiting for things is not such a good idea. You have to live life now. 

Linda S


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Wow, sage advice on a random Thursday as I sit waiting my turn at the barber shop.  Very very good point right there.

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