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sunrader: is this normal?

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new sunrader & even after reading threads for months, I still feel I know nothing, so thankful for any help you can provide!


two things that feel a little funky and hoping are OK -


1 is the tire really close to the fender flare on the passenger side - hoping this is related to the entry door next to it on this side and not that something is wrong?


2 if the original label on the door jamb wasn’t there, I would think this was put on a different truck by the looks of these bolts and all the caulking. I haven’t noticed this on other sunraders - is this cause for concern?!


thank you!!







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No the tire looks wrong. Also think it's the wrong size tire. I see Discoverer and that would make it a Cooper. They don't make tires in our size

that I know of. I also clearly an all terrain tire. Find the date code. Bet they are too old too. Google tire date code for instructions. 

Looks like the trim came off between the cab and the coach and they grouted it. Do the same thing you would do in your bathroom when grout looks nasty. Brush on straight bleach and let it sit then rinse and scrub. Really black, might take a few tries. 

Linda S

Try to keep your thread together. restoration is really all one subject. Separate titles for every question gets hard to follow

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thank you @linda s!!


these were (super old and cracking) tires it came with - yes they were too big (195.75.15), we replaced with what I think was recommended size (hankook vantra lt ra18 185R14), but they are still close on passenger side and not even on the driver and passenger sides… just realizing I don’t have a newer photo. will take one.


thank you for cleaning tips!! REALLY looking forward to give it a good cleaning soon. is there a trim that can be purchased where the original cab/coach trim is no longer to really pretty it up?! 😂 


will add rest of questions:

CEILING HELP: ceiling redone by PO - (took down original ceiling carpeting / scraped about 2-3mm of wood sheets, then slats were glued over the wood) it’s pretty thick and hoping to regain some sleeping area height especially - any ideas on a thinner option? you can see support system in photos - was told all just in by tension / support. wondering if there is another way to make it work. I have a carpenter friend who can help, but hoping to gain some insights here first ♥️ 


WATER HEATER: original was removed - joolca tankless installed, with portable water jugs in place of the stove. we would like to restore to original set up - the original tanks are in, just not the water heater (PO wanted no propane). does anyone recommend a water heater replacement - tankless vs standard?


TABLE / CUSHION DIMENSIONS: flooring redone by PO - laminate flooring placed over new plywood - original table style was converted to moving arm style. want to restore back - does anyone have dimensions of original rear dinette (with U shape seating) table top? cushions were also removed and not replaced when we purchased - are there dimensions anywhere?












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you got new wheels? old ones 15 new 14.  might want to look at axle to spring mounting. axle could be out of place on the spring. sometimes happens when hitting a curb or some such

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Sht. This a huge amount of work. 

1) have you driven it any distance since the new tires. Does it drive smoothly or shake. There must be a reason it is uneven.

You need a mechanic to look at it. Surprised the tire installers didn't mention it.

2) You know about that couple in Florida who redid their Sunrader. Look at how they did their ceiling. 

A lot of work though. 

3) No propane how are you supposed to run your fridge. Is your propane tank still there. Are the hard lines that run to your fridge and where the old water heater still there. Makes me worry he pulled it all out. Is your furnace gone too. 

4) The original table went into a hole in the floor. He covered that all up so putting it back means removing some of that flooring to find the hole.

You will need to find new hardware to install the table. I don't have a wrap around dinette so I can't measure table size for you.

Linda S


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Two thoughts.


1. Axle shifted.


2. one spring installed in reverse.

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@linda s thank you.


1) darn it. admittedly, I didn’t notice the difference on each side when I bought it, and when my brother (who’s mechanically inclined and has had a good number of toyota’s for 4 wheeling) came from out of state to help me with some things on it and noticed, he was hoping it had something to do with the placement of the coach door. they didn’t say anything when they put on the new tires, and toyota also did an alignment afterwards and didn’t mention it. 


2) thank you - will check it out.


3) PO said fridge didn’t work when he got it and wanted to get dometic electric ice chest - thought propane was unsafe for using with family, so PO removed propane altogether (and therefore oven (PO also wanted this oven space for storage) and water heater (which was replaced by PO w joolca tankless). it doesn’t have a furnace that I can tell. seller said everything could be re-hooked up, but honestly I am not skilled and trusted so I am not sure if that is the case. was hoping I could get this up and running but am starting to think that was very naive of me 😬


4) finding the hole, mounting a new table and getting cushions sounds like the easiest part of this whole thing - haha - thank you!


@fred heath thank you so much - will take it in this week with this info and hope for the best.

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Well table I can help with. Table needs to drop down to make rear bed so measure the little ledge at the edge of the dinette and size the table to fit and hold in place. 

Table hardware. Same size post as mine. I have seats only on each side not in the back so my table is bigger and I have 2 posts

I think yours might only require one. This is a very cheap price for the set. Most charge more for each individual piece.

RV pedestal 29 ½" TABLE LEG + 2 ABS surface mount base SILVER powder coat pole | eBay

Nice piece of A grade plywood sanded and finished would work fine for the table. 3/4 inch, remember you need to put screws in it

Linda S

Didn't see the shipping price. It's still cheaper than buying separately just not super cheap


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