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2800 Onan Microlite install in vintage RV

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Greetings! I purchased a very nice vintage RV, Class C Mallard Sprinter which I have been renovating for a year while adding 6,000 miles. 


The RV was very well maintained and has been great. I have added a lot of nice things and am ready to install a reconditioned generator purchased from Arizona Generators. Apparently, my generator is missing the Dip Tube. 


Everything else is ready for installation but we can't locate this part. 


Thanks so much. 






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Well for one how does a generator company sell you a generator with parts missing. It sounds like you need more than a dip stick, the whole oil fill tube is gone. They are crooks. 

I am finding parts available from Cummins Onan directly but I need specifics. Find these numbers on your generator and I will try to find the parts. 


Need the Spec letter too, see the K on this one. 

By the way those parts are called the oil fill adapter and the oil gauge. No way they could have sold it without knowing there was no tube to fill the oil. 

Linda S

Yeah this is a Toyota site but I just like looking for stuff. Some members here also have that generator.

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