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whats an easy, clean mrthof of completely removing the entire camper shell from the toyota frame and body?due to a series of unfortunate events aka weather and transients.my motor home is in need of a new makeover head tontoe so ill just start from scratch.


iwant to move the truck itself away from my property as there has been thefts out there and already had a car stolen from my property.luckily the rb is in a situation you cant jist drive off and neighbors keep an eye on things.though this weekend my rv and car broken into again and my trailer, 3 generators etc all stollen.so im starting fresh.


sorry for the little rant.really upsetting when my 5 year old came crying, worried someone stole her toys and clothes again and my stuff not even paid off that was stolen.plus the memories and mental health issues i have making it hard to cope with depressive things.


but anyways, i want to drop the shell where it sits and move my truck if i cant find an affordable rv storage out in the tonopah az and west phoenix area.

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There is no “easy” method. If your coach is “stick built”, chances are it will fall apart before you can get it off the chassis.


If framed with steel or aluminum in a cage style, that might stay together better, but sill a toss up.

The entire coach section would need to be immobilized before any movement. Even at that your looking at split seams everywhere.


If you had access to a lift and proper tools it is doable. Nothing I would undertake myself.


Best thing to to would be to remove all valuables and store somewhere secure.


Good luck. Fred

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i had forgot to mention that anything of value will be removed and the rest will be trashed/recycled.i jist didnt want a huge mess all over the place.i have a guy picking up the remains when im done.just easier when its in 1 spot.but i think i may habe to go with one of the ideas you mentioned above.seems  like those are my best options.thank you.i appreciate it

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