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Where can I find Toyota Motorhome groups that get together for travel, camping, day trips, etc.


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There used to be occasional rallies but none from this site in a while. Even if someone had wanted to plan one covid stopped that in it's tracks. 

There is a big rally in Quartzite Arizona every year which is planned by Tika. We have a rally section on the main page and you could message her from post in the past and see if she has anything in the works. Finding members to actually travel with is much more complicated. You have to know someone pretty well to plan something like that. 

I know we have some members in the Sacramento area. If you would like to see if any are interested in meeting up post in the rally section and ask. All this water means that the lakes and reservoirs are full and beautiful but also means campsites are going to be hard to find for a group. If you want to plan a get-together this summer you had better start now. 

Linda S

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Hi Linda - Guess we will just go out and take our chances. Looks like we are fortunate, as we have met fellow Toy owners while camping 2 times in the past 3 yrs. Guess that's pretty good considering the times . . .

Thanks for your detailed response, it helped. 

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