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'92 Warrior. Step 1 - overcab.

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Hi everyone!

 I started renovation of my rig. I made a lot of discoveries bad and nice, made a lot of mistakes and had learned a lot of my Toy. I was thinking that will be good to share with my experience and pictures - it will be my way to say thanks for existence of this site. It's really nice to have you all ready to help with no matter what problem.


So, I started with my overcab. At first look it was nothing bad, just a little crack in the plastic cover.Compress_20221224_143946_6702.jpg.fd1fa212f46f8cd6d69e63f1ae52838c.jpg

 When I start to dig I found that all what it's wood was roten.


I scratched all overcab. Decided to replace wood with PVC ( in MTL we call it Azek) and the extruded polystyrene with a nice polystyrene covered with some fiber glass ( they use that for whet location). Put a pice of tape to understand what length of board I need.


Marked the places where I will need to bend my board, and cut the lines there, half of thickness. After that was easy to bend my board where I need it.Compress_20221224_143941_1453.jpg.781f5b1a30994fb63b81e8306edad906.jpgCompress_20221224_143940_0350.jpg.5b5d66ee8c9b82bad851ff965543a4ee.jpgCompress_20221224_143939_9453.jpg.85175f151843adb95015acc1f69c8db1.jpg

For the bottom I used the same fiberglass polystyrene with PVC.



One of my mistakes was too not made enough research for a good glue, isn't easy to glue something to an old fiberglass. I tried to use some epoxy for car repairs but ended with construction foam. It was a lot of panic when I put all back so not to much of pictures. Also I will advise everyone to think before how you will make pressure on the glued boards. I did make like that so was another moment of panic, but I ended good.



This picture I called Mad Toy  - overcab resurrection:



 Found that front window was sealed with silicone. It's not good to use glazing silicone for sealing windows. The window  was completely unglued in the place where they put the silicone.Compress_20221224_143941_1998.jpg.41770a4f2a14db4d41500d71e2ee04cf.jpg


Next will be to cover all overcab with some nice material, but I need to do the same job with the bathroom before...


To be continued...

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So I'm back, took me some time to add new pictures - isn't easy to find free time when you have old rig to repair. 

I decided to reinforce the overcab in perspective of use a large skylight to access the roof from inside. For that I used the galvanized profile ( found them at local cube builder).




I used the fiberglass coated board between original fiberglass and the new added frame.



To cover all from inside I used 1/8 playwood, very light and easy to bend/work.



That's all covered by plywood:



Initially I thought to cover the plywood with some white paint, but the boss have changed my plans. I ended to use under floor mat.



The idea was to have some smooth, pleasant to touch surfaces in the overcab. The top layer it's a material, choose by the boss of course 😉.



Us you can see on the pictures, I took off all the windows and reinstalled them on the industrial grade caulking (25 years warranty) and polypropylene gasket, no more butil for my beloved rig. 


For the skylight I was obliged to change my plan, to much $$$ for opening Dometic skylight. So, I ended by a nice double layer acrylic skylight, which I modified to fit my rig.



We can't open this one, but It's cost 230$ 🤑 and it's very light.



And that it's the final version of my Toy's overcab.



All my free time goes there but the results it's worth it.








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Wow - that looks great and the skylight will add to your enjoyment!  Can't wait to see the finished product on the rest of your camper.

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