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Help choosing horizontal propane tank regulator

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Hey All,


I’m looking for help locating the correct propane regulator and confirmation I should replace it. I’m relatively certain there are no leaks. Our alarm hasn’t noted anything, and the tank holds pressure. 

Our 1987 Sunrader has a horizontally mounted, permanent, tank. I’m pretty sure the regulator is going and should be replaced, but I can’t be sure which replacement to choose. 


The issue: We camped three nights, two of them plugged in at a campground and each night it was below freezing out. 

I woke around 2am and the furnace was blowing cold air. This was after having spent time inside since dinner with the furnace working great and cycling on and off no problem. I checked the stovetop gas flow and the flames burned out pretty quickly. I turned off the gas valve and waited 10 min and slowly turned back on, and everything flowed again. The furnace blew hot and burners worked. 

The stove burners do have some orange tips on the flames time to time. 


The propane tank was half full on the second night for reference. 

The same issue happened both nights we were plugged in at a site. No fun waking up to a cold house with dogs on the floor, even if they are in beds and blankets. 

ALSO, Does the tank have to be emptied to replace the regulator, if it is the regulator at issue?

Thanks all!

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I just replaced mine. Take a picture of your regulator for reference.


In my case I found an exact replacement at of all places Lowe’s. It made by char-broil and costs about $30.00. It’s in the grill section.

You will also need yellow Teflon tape (gas tape), and a spray bottle of kids bubble fluid or soapy water.


Measure the length of your current regulator end to end. If the replacement is exact or close it should work. Shut your main tank valve off. Remove existing regulator. You will probably need to reuse any copper fittings from the old regulator. This is where the yellow tape comes in.


Remember the regulator screws opposite of normal tightening/loosening where it meets the tank. Clockwise will loosen, counterclockwise to tighten.

Install the new regulator and attach any fittings.


Open the main gas valve and spray all fittings to check for leaks. Tighten as necessary.


This is just a general outline to follow. 

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Unlikely the regulator is the problem.

Factory heaters are 1 try and out to get the fire going, if it fails the heater fan keep running.

Look up Dinosaur Boards they have a smart replacement control board...http://www.dinosaurelectronics.com/Ignitor_boards.htm  

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Thanks for the info-I’ll snap a photo momentarily. Hopefully it’s the regulator, since it’s all gas that stopped flowing (the stove burners went out too when the furnace stopped blowing warm). The blower kept going and blowing cool air. 

I’m all for swapping the furnace board to a smart board, but I was guessing it was something tank side since the stove burners were affected as well. 

If not the regulator, I guess the excess flow valve could be tripping for some reason.

Unfortunately it’s only happened when it’s sub freezing cold out after running for a few hours. 

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I’m not sure why it’s flipping the photo of the regulator without the covers upside down. 





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Pic upside down
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Yours looks like a standard size. You can try to google your existing regulator numbers, or buy the one at lowe’s. You can always return if it doesn’t fit. Good luck

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Didnt see the part about the stove going out. So the regulator is suspect. If this ever happens when boondocking don't forget to relight the fridge

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Just now, WME said:

Didnt see the part about the stove going out. So the regulator is suspect. If this ever happens when boondocking don't forget to relight the fridge

Oh that’s wise; thanks!

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