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Dometic fridge flame sight glass

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Hello all. Hope you have enjoyed your RVs this summer. Since moving back to west Michigan from Kansas I've been able to use it a lot more and take the kids to see all kinds of things.


Our fridge is working great but it's been really hard to see the flame when it's lit through the sight glass. I've cleaned both sides of the plastic, but still can barely see anything when the fridge is running on propane. Any suggestions?

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I agree, I have to close the bathroom door, close the window blind and get down on my knees and cup around that glass with both hands.

I hope someone has a suggestion I don't.

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When you first light it the flame is orange and yellow and you can see that. After it warms up, ideally it is supposed to be a tiny blue flame. That is not easy to see. 

If your worried that it may have gone out, try hitting the pezio a couple times. The spark will make the flame flare up orange again. If you just see a spark the flame went out. 

Unfortunately, laying on the floor is always going to be your best viewpoint 

Linda S 

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