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Source and Cause of Pinging/Ticking Noise?


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Hi everybody,


 Recently I started my 1983 dolphin 22R and two noises have appeared. One is higher in pitch than the other. 
The noises occur when the key is turned to ON or when the engine is running.

The source sounds like it is coming from near the Master vac or the metal instrument (i dont know what it is called) along the drivers side outboard portion of the engine compartment (closer to the firewall than the voltage regulator and engine coil). Photo attached

I dont know if related, but at the same time i noticed the 15A fuse for the tail lights was broken and now occassionally the car wont start (does not turn over), though eventually it does. 
Replaced the fuse, tail lights work, noises persist.

Battery voltage is normal.


Thanks for any suggestions.



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