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dometic refrigerator test.

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was reading how fridg wouldn't cool in hot weather so i'm running a test.   

 my fridg has a new cooling unit, so older ones likely aren't as efficient.

   started yesterday with system cooled down to -2f in freezer..

  96 f outside- 5pm refer section at 50 f. on shore power.  forgot to check freezer

    mh in the sun with awning covering fridg side most of the day

will switch to propane tonight and report back with results tomorrow.......looks like i could use a cooling fan behind the fridg

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Finish your checks and then a cheap check, before buying fans. Get a small house fan of some kind, open the lower access vent door and just use the to blow air in to the back of the refer. Run electric mode and see what happens to the temps.


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didn't  get switched to propane last night. felt crappy from covid booster.

  but checked freezer at 6:30- 101f and it was +9f in there.  i think the refer being empty is why the high temp.

   on propane now, freezer at 2f     101 expected by 4:00

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so  at 11:00 freezer at -2f.    

  now at +7f -- 100.4 outside.

  looks like empty refr changes things, but a new system works well without a fan

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