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1986 Toyota SunLand Express - Full Remodel

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Hi everyone!
First post on this forum, which has been extremely helpful throughout this project.
I bought a 1986 SunLand express last June, and started the remodel in mid January (6 month delay... that's life...)
I'll post a log of how it all went, but I'll open by showing the before-and-after photos:









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Hi, I recently got a 85 Sunland express. Mine's going to need a lot of work on the inside and I was wondering if you had a rough estimate on the amount of plywood and wood that you used for the walls and roof? Im trying to get an idea of what all/how much material I will need to get before I start tearing stuff down. 


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Well it's hard to judge. 1/4" is out there in 4X4 and 4X8 you will have a lot of waste no matter what you do. Just take an overall measurement and go for it you can always go back and get more as needed.

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you will need a table saw. the supports inside are note a standard size. you will need to rip wood to size. practice first if unfamiliar with the saw

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Try your very best to get the old pieces out without destroying them you will need them as a pattern. I'll assume it's not your first rodeo it's not exactly and easy project.

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