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Old Dometic Fridge propane/electric, propane option suddenly became weak

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Have had this fridge in an 83 Toyota dolphin I purchased about 6 months ago.   Worked great on both electric and propane until recently the propane side became weak.  It still cools on propane but not nearly as good as before.  Before I would set the dial to 2 out of 10, otherwise everything would freeze in the main compartment.   Now I set at 10 and it barely cools the main compartment, but the freezer will still freeze water eventually.    Called around to a few rv shops but they don't want to mess with it since they cant get parts for it.    Hoping it just needs a little maintenance.


Any recommendations are welcome, thanks.





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I hate internet guessing...Rust and scale in boiler stack. Clean the stack with a bristle brush and compressed air. Wear a mask and safety goggles when you do this. The scale is nasty.

Good luck.

P.S. the boiler stack is the tall vertical chamber/tube on top of where the propane flame lives.

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 Thanks for the responses.   The gas pressure is good.  I tried cleaning the stack and it has been working better, not as good as before but definitely an improvement.  

I had been noticing a foul smell from inside the fridge at times.  Thought it just needed to be cleaned at first so I cleaned it out but the smell comes and goes so it's days may be numbered if it's leaking.    Would the coolant be visually obvious if it was leaking into fridge?  I had to wipe down the bottom of the fridge but it looked like water that had drained from freezer and didn't seem to be the source of the smell. 

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Posted (edited)

The coolant of RV type refrigerators is ammonia, if there is a leak in the system it is very apparent.

Normal foul smells are usually mold related. When you store an RV you should block the refer door open so that air circulates and keeps the mold to a minimum. 

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