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I have 94 warrior that I want to replace airbags. The air bags on the unit are mounted on top of the spring in front of the the axle. I have seen some mounted on top of the axle.  Which is better? Can you still get replacement bags for the original. I think they are 3Ts. If I go with load lifters 5000 should I get the ones with the jonce stopper or the ones without. That's the questions for now. Thanks to anyone responding to these questions. 

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The company that made your original bags is still in business and as far as I know they still make replacement bags for the Toyota motorhomes. Website info is limited so you will have to call to get details

3-T's RV Products, Inc - Home (3tsrv.com)

Compare prices too between the 3-T's and the Air Lift. I don't think we've heard from enough people who have bought the jounce bags to know if they are in anyway better. Since I use my air suspension system to help level the camper, the jounce ones would limit my ability to do that. 

As far as how to install your replacement system the key is to follow the instructions of the manufacturer

Linda S

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I installed the AirLift air bags with the jounce bumper (their part number 88113). I have no complaints, they work well and I like not having to worry about the air bags losing pressure over time and getting damaged if there's no air in them. I've experimented with the pressures a little and usually run them at about 60psi. I carry a small Ryobi air pump so that I can also use them when camping for bit of levelling help.

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