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Portable Power Station -vs- Solar Powered (rooftop)

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I would think a portable power station (Jackery and the likes) would be better since you don't have to drill holes and run wires and etc etc as you do with a permanent rooftop solar system setup, no?.  And I believe a rooftop solar system costs more, ,and besides you can buy solar panels to charge your power station as well so there's that.


Anyway, what are you all running... if you are, either of the two?  Basically I would like the pros/cons of each respective setup.

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The RV setup is  280w solar, 230 AH  battery, 5500w generator. FYI 230AH  is about 6400wh,

I am looking at a "Solar Generator 1000wh" to run the wife's CPAP machine for overnite power outages at home. Longer than that and we head out for our Winne lifeboat.

Unless your driving every day you need some way to recharge the units battery, so your choices are run the truck engine or solar panels. Most of the portable folks also offer folding solar panels that you just lay on the ground.

P.S. Harbor Freight has inverter generators from 1400w  and weighs 33 lbs. with a 7 HR run time at 25% load for $450, the biggie one  is 9500w



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