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Interesting extremes today

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The pricier 4x4 rig looks pretty tight and it looks like the seller's an experienced builder. Just over 500 hours seems like a miracle to me, but I guess it's possible. Having used DuraBond, I wouldn't employ it to anchor cabling on a roof, it's messy to pull up and sometimes takes up what it's glued to as well. I'm always thinking about the "next guy" when I can, 'cause sometimes he's me! : ) 

Also, being an 18 footer guy, I always wonder what that extra 3 feet of of cargo space, and what it gets filled with does to the performance of a 105 hp motor. I mean, you start out significantly heavier drive train-wise with a 4x4 right out of the gate. I wonder what she weighs in at?  Clean lookin' that's for sure. Not much said about the frame, rust etc for an mid-west truck.

Anyone had any experience with the Durabak paint product he's impressed with? I'm wondering about their gloss product, not the "bumpy" bed-liner that I wouldn't want as an all-over paint job.

Always thinkin'



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Pretty sure the seller is a member here. I would like to know what it weighs. Adding the 4wd adds quite a bit of weight. Since I personally have gotten stuck in the Sierras cause the hill was just too steep, I don't think a 4x4 that big with only a 4 banger could handle mountain off road. Stick to moderate hills. My 2wd Sunrader weighs 5000lbs. Bet that rig weighs well over 7000. It is beautiful though

Linda S

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The only issues I see with buying a ‘one off’ vehicle like this is when it comes to replacement parts. The builder obviously knows what was put into it, but the buyer, especially if not mechanically inclined would probably have major issues with repair/replacement parts. At least with a factory drivetrain repair manuals are available.

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Well with 4WD it would have a low range not fast up but pretty much go any where.

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