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Hello All,,,,,

First time poster, long time lurker here. I have a 1986 Sunrader that I purchased from the Portland area last year that fortunately came with a set of front wheel adapters so I have dually wheels all they way around, including a spare. I recently purchased a set of (7) 15" wheels from Custom and Commercial wheel. My question for you all is, could I get away with a set of BFG KO2s with a load C range or do I have to go with a load D tire? If I must go load D, I am leaning towards the Falken wildpeak AT3w. I am super excited to get them mounted up, looking forward to your replies....Thanks


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Tire sizes and load ratings often debated subjects here, but I run these:

Specialty Tires of America STA Super Traxion E78-14LT, i think they have something for a 15" wheel as well, but the width may be a little wide depending your wheel offset. 



I notice the RV stops quicker in most conditions with the STAs. But they sure are noisy and likely hurt your MPGs.



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updated to include 15" wheel option.
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You are absolutely not locked in to a D load rating. Larger tires to fit your larger wheels means more weight capacity anyway. Some XL's will work. Just not so wide the duallies touch. Have you weighted your rig? Probably less than 5000lbs. I weighed mine years ago , same year and size as yours, loaded with camping stuff, 200 lbs?,and it came in at 5260 lbs. Then I took the Air conditioner off at least 100lbs but I also have a generator, another 100 lbs. 

Linda S

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I have yet to weight my Sunrader. I'm glad to hear that it is not essential that I stick to a Load D rated tire. The whole point in paying up for custom wheels was to open up more tire options. Any input on how tall a tire I can mount without the front rubbing? I do plan on regearing to compensate for the change in tire diameter, also to make my overdrive possible to use.


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A friend was running 235/75/15 on her 4x4 Sunrader but they rubbed in the back so she kicked it down to 215/75/15 and they were fine. She had the same custom wheels you bought. Her's was a 4x4 though so she had some lift in the front. Since her truck worked fine in the front with the larger tires I'm betting the 215's will be fine on yours. This site has great deals on tires. I'm really liking the tread on the Haida's and they are D load to boot. 

215/75R15 Tires for Sale Online at Discount Prices - Priority Tire

Linda S

Just asked another friend with a 4x4 Sunrader and he uses these. 

Kumho Road Venture AT51 LT215/75R15 106/103R 2177523, $144.39 | SpeedyTire

Plenty of tread but he says the road noise and ride aren't too bad on the highway too

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