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Roof repair, have you seen this before?


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Hi all, I am a new owner of a 1990 Dolphin in pretty good shape. The PO told me this was a base for a rack installed by the last and original owner. That would make this work over 20yrs old. These are box steel or aluminum running edge to edge.  I have come to realize this is support for a sagging roof mid cabin. The ceiling feels solid but it hasn't rained yet. It is coated with a white rock solid epoxy-like substance that seems like a good seal.  The roof does sag about an inch in the center, no staining inside.  The bolts go right thru the ceiling. I'm in norcal, so not alot of rain, but the old girl will be stored outside now. (She's had covered parking before)




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Looks like a roof brace/repair for an A/C. There have been several variations  of this design.


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On 9/3/2021 at 9:19 PM, linda s said:

Well there's no AC there now so I wouldn't worry about it. You could repaint with elastomeric roof paint to be sure it doesn't leak. It also looks like a great mounting bracket for some solar. 

Linda S

I like the idea Linda...throwing 2 solar panels on the roof...so I don't have to plug it in every time....


For the brace, I would live it alone...sealing the roof to make sure it does not leak and enjoy!

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