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Antenna + WiFi, Latest advice and suggestions please!

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Hi Everyone. My goal (now that I'm well into my 6 month road trip!: Reach out as far as possible to wifi signals wherever I station my ToyotRV.


I have a read a lot of terrific advice on antennas, adapter and booster for improving wifi signals right here on this site.  But most of the advice/suggestions I've read up on are several years old.  I imagine (and I may certainly be wrong) that technology has probably improved.  



------ I am on a MacBook Pro -----


 Do I need/would I benefit from an exterior antenna? 


Or will an indoor USB antenna function just as well? (like the lauded but no longer available "Alpha AWUS03H" Wireless WiFi Network Adapter)  eBay and other sites still sell said adapter, but if another similar brand is out there, please pass along link:)


Would I need an additional booster?


I like the idea of an "All-In-One" with a USB extension I could purchase separately that I could connect right to the Mac


As always, any and all suggestions most welcome. Thank You, Max.  (currently in ABQ, NM)


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Yeah the external antennas do work and come with a USB connection but do not expect miracles they are not real strong signals. If you are near a hot spot they work OK. 

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